6 Illuminating Big Data Infographics

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Is Big Data still a big mystery to you?

In recent years, the volume of information coming into companies has exploded, so that many IT organizations are dealing with extremely large sets of data.

IT leaders are rethinking many aspects of how they manage and deliver information, from investments in infrastructure and analytics tools to new policies for organizing and accessing data so they can deliver more of it, faster. They are concerned that if they don't have the right tools and architectures to deal with all that information, then big data can be a big problem. Check out these infographics on Big Data to see the impact.

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1. Taming Big Data

Taming Big Data
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2. The Big Data Revolution

The Big Data Revolution
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3. Feds Think Big

Feds Think Big
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4. Big Profits From Big Data

Big Profits From Big Data
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5. Big Data, Big Opportunity

Big Data, Big Opportunity
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6. What is Big Data?

What is Big Data?
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Written by Martin Perlin.

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