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Since the early 1990s, IT management tools have been implemented to overcome severe performance and availability problems resulting from change and configuration. These tools, however, were not designed to deal with the complexity and dynamics of today's data centers. IT operations is now overwhelmed, by the volume, velocity and variety of change and configuration data, lacking insight or actionable information, making change and configuration problems a chronic pain.

At the recent Gartner Data Center and ServiceNow conferences, we surveyed IT operations professionals, asking many of the critical questions related to IT operations management about to see how effectively they manage their environments today.

Few highlights from the report:

  • only 7% of IT professionals surveyed can quickly identify what changed.
  • only 8% of IT professionals surveyed can validate the accurate deployment of a release automatically.
  • only 5% of IT professionals surveyed can quickly identify an incident's root cause.
  • only 5% of IT professionals surveyed can automatically verify environment consistency. 

DOWNLOAD this insightful report and learn how with Evolven you can manage IT environments by applying intelligent automated analytics that will drive sophisticated proactive processes like. So rather than continue to feed bloated system tools,
IT operations can simplify and implement configuration management based on
IT operations analytics, and turn the situation around from what
can't be managed to being what can done about performance and availability.

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