IT Operations Analytics

IT Operations Analytics tools allow IT organizations to minimize risk of downtime by controlling planned changes, and by proactively detecting unplanned changes and configuration drift, as early as possible. IT Operations analytics tools identify the changes, differences, inconsistencies and misconfigurations that can threaten environment stability or already caused an issue, covering the vital technology components and applications that make up business service environments.

Article: 12 Hot Emerging IT Roles in 2015

As the rapid pace of technology change continues, demand grows for talented IT professionals to support advancements in areas like the cloud, big data, security, and mobility to name a few. Here is a list from experts at leading IT media outlets ...

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Article: 2015 Predictions on IT from Experts and Industry Analysts

While technology's role in the IT organization is increasing, what does this mean for the role of the IT organization? How will developments in 2015 impact the IT organization? This collection shows how experts and industry analysts expect new...

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Article: 5 IT Operations Lessons Learned from Jurassic Park

System outages are inevitable when working in IT. A prime example of system failure for exploring is what went down at Jurassic Park. Look at the change and incident management blunders that contributed to the park's failures, and how this applies to...

Article: 7 Exciting Insights from the IT Operations Analytics Webinar Presented by Gartner

IT Operations Analytics solutions can offer better visibility into the exploding complexity of today's technology services. Gartner recently dedicated a full webinar to explore IT Operations Analytics. In this post we share some of the exciting...

Article: Applying IT Analytics to IT Operations Data

How are analytics being applied to IT Operations?

Article: Brain Power: IT Operations Analytics [On-demand Webinar]

Cachet Software's CEO, Stuart Kenley and Evolven's CEO and Co-Founder, Sasha Gilenson, brought in an great crowd in with their impressive insights on how you can apply IT Operations Analytics to your IT operations and improve performance and...

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Article: Change and Configuration Management Is Sexy Again!

As IT organizations were driven to eliminate the guesswork from change lifecycle, they applied various change and configuration management solutions to help IT organizations reduce mean time to repair, improve service uptime and reduce IT operations...

Article: Configuration Change Knocks out Gmail

Gmail went off-line worldwide, virtually paralyzing many from communicating and disabling many enterprise email systems. Upon investigation, Google explained that a configuration change was behind the widespread outage. How can we best stay on top of...

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Article: Evolven Listed as One of the 20 Most Promising HP Solution Providers

Evolven was recognized by CIO Review as one of the 20 most promising HP solution providers, this article...

Article: Facebook Down Following Infrastructure Change


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Article: Gartner Analysts Have High Expectations for IT Operations Analytics

Gartner's Hype Cycle report places IT Operations Analytics at the On The Rise side of curve.

Article: Gartner Analysts Score IT Operations Analytics in Key Position

Gartner's IT Market Clock for IT Operations Management report places IT Operations Analytics in the Advantage quadrant of the clock.

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Article: Gartner Says Analytics is Top Technology Trend for 2015

Recently Gartner released their top tech trends for 2015 with analytics taking a central role. Further Gartner reports and analysis emphasize the growing importance that analytics is having for IT in their ongoing support of the business.

Article: Gartner Says Change-based Causal Analysis Makes Availability and Performance Data Actionable

A recent Gartner report addresses how increased availability and performance data volumes don't provide enterprises with sufficient actionable information. The report asserts that causal analysis makes availability and performance data actionable,...

Article: Gartner Says IT Operations Analytics Helps Reduce the Occurrence of Incidents

A recent Gartner report addresses the sudden and significant increased demand for IT Operations Analytics systems sparked by the operational data explosion. The report stresses that the enhanced model discovery and root cause discovery capabilities...

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Article: Gartner Says IT Operations Analytics to Supplement APM

A recent Gartner report raises questions about the future of the APM market, the enterprises commitment to application-centric IT operations management, as a new enthusiasm grows for IT Operations Analytics technologies. What will IT Operations...

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Article: IQ? EQ? OQ! What’s your IT Operations Quotient (OQ)?

With a significant amount of IT spending going to operations, when I&O organizations can clearly demonstrate business value, this can really impact budgets and improve how IT operations is perceived. So how can the value of operations and its impact...

Article: Is Everything Really Awesome In Your Data Center?

While society in the Lego Movie sang Everything is Awesome as a distraction from living under strict control, to keep your production environment available, your data center can't be locked down in the face of numerous and often...

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Article: IT Operations Analytics Changes the Rules

Advances in analytic technologies and business intelligence now allow organizations to go big, go fast, go deep, with their business data. Now IT Operations Analytics is gathering momentum in IT management.

Article: IT Operations Analytics [eBook]

Recently we released a new, free publication 'IT Operations Analytics', an eBook that lets you see how to get actionable insights for addressing practical day-to-day operations questions.

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