Evolven's innovative Granular Configuration Automation solution takes on the dynamics and complexity of today's IT environments in a way that was never available before. Its powerful capabilities help to significantly reduce downtime risk and minimize its impact.



Complexity. New Technologies. Dynamics.
Painful Downtime.

Times have changed. The IT landscape has grown in complexity supporting a wider and growing range of technologies and platforms (Virtualization, Cloud, Open Source etc.), and accelerated application release schedules. A typical environment includes thousands of different configuration parameters. Each of these parameters, if mis-configured, can turn into painful downtime or a critical incident – affecting performance, availability and severely impacting business service.

Existing solutions, such as CMDB and configuration management tools, are too rigid to handle today's dynamics; they don't provide visibility at the most granular level –where the root-cause of downtime and incidents starts. They also lack the detailed analytics required to translate abundant configuration data into critical decision-support information.

So, it should come as no surprise that even mature IT organizations still face downtime and critical incidents as a result of mis-configurations. As the times change, a new approach is needed.


Finally, a New Approach for Today's New Challenges.

Evolven's innovative Granular Configuration Automation solution takes on the dynamics and complexity of today's IT environments in a way that was never available before. Evolven offers an innovative approach to configuration automation.

  • Capturing granular information of the business services environment
  • Leveraging a thorough customizable knowledgebase of key technologies
  • Applying powerful analytics for delivering accurate, meaningful information early on


Granularity. Comparison. Analytics.

Evolven's software delivers a unique set of powerful capabilities.


Dives Deep

Automatically and within minutes capture even the most granular configuration parameter in your environment, including configuration files, registry, database schema, stored procedures, and reference data held in the database.

Compares Entire Business Service Environments

Compare entire environments: applications and their underlying software infrastructure stack, including: applications, front-end servers, middleware, databases, messaging layer and operating systems. Also compare business service environments, rather than just infrastructure components.

Delivers Analytics

Combines robust analytics and knowledge-base to analyze impact and criticality of changes and differences, allowing you to focus on what matters most as early as possible.


Reduce Downtime Risk and Minimize Its Impact.

Release Validation

No more "release and pray" - validate releases, deployments and changes before and immediately after execution to reduce risks and to prevent downtime.

Drift Detection

Detect and be notified on configuration drift and changes in near real-time, analyze impact and take proactive action before they turn into high impact downtime and incidents.

Incident Investigation

When incidents occur, identify detailed root-cause information in minutes to cut MTTR and resolve them with minimized impact.

Disaster Recovery Verification

Verify consistency and integrity of your disaster recovery environment to ensure readiness, reliable and compliant disaster recovery environments.


Granular Configuration Has Huge Impact.

Why should you care? The impact of downtime, outages and incidents resulting from mis-configuration is very painful. With Evolven in place in your IT environment it means strong potential savings and a quick ROI.

According to Gartner, downtime reaches 87 hours a year on average. Obviously that's the sum of many outages, but at the end of the day, this becomes a staggering figure.

Downtime costs vary by industry, and by the scale of operations, where NetworkWorld reports that the average cost of just an hour of downtime is $351,000.

The IT Process Institute lists resolution time per outage at around 200 minutes. With so much at stake, every minute counts.

Getting to the bottom of the matter, the Enterprise Management Association reports that 60% of availability and performance errors are the result of mis-configurations.


Less Risk, More Uptime.

With Evolven in place in your IT environment, you can:

Reduce Production Outage Risk
Increase stability of releases and detect unauthorized changes and drift to prevent outages and high impact incidents.

Minimize System Downtime
Quickly pinpoint an incident's root-cause and slash MTTR - minimize the impact of downtime.

Enhance Security & Compliance
Leverage granular visibility and audit-trail to meet demanding security and compliance requirements.



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