Virtualization Configuration Management

Virtualization Configuration Management Challenge: Virtual Environment - Real Configuration Challenges

Virtualization offers great promise to IT environments, and enterprises are adopting it at a rapid pace. However, as enterprises strive to exploit virtualization opportunities and the deployment of virtual machines expands, new challenges arise, particularly in the area of change and configuration management:

  • Compromised Environment Integrity: With virtualization, IT environments have become more heterogeneous - operating as a mix of physical and virtual environments, hindering IT environment consistency – a critical factor for stability. As discrepancies grow exponentially within an environment or between environments, the risk of incidents increases. For example, a heterogeneous production environment is liable to drift as the discrepancy between production and non-production environments becoming even greater over time.

  • Limited Image Content Visibility Prevents Diagnosis and Hinders Incident Resolution: Virtual machines encapsulate application and infrastructure configurations, rendering visibility of virtualized infrastructure into an impenetrable 'black box' – complicating efforts for identifying, tracking and validating a configuration and changes for each virtual machine. As a result incidents become more difficult to diagnose and resolve, and environment drift is inevitable.

  • The Risk of Sprawl: Creating and provisioning a virtual server is so simple, allowing hundreds of virtual machines to run throughout the enterprise. And, with limited management control over image configurations, the unimpeded growth of virtualization increases the risk of mistakes jeopardizing the environment's stability.

  • Complexity of Incident Investigation Due to Added Virtualization Layer: Virtualization technology expands the environment stack. When environment incidents occur, root cause analysis needs to penetrate even more layers. For example, a virtual machine can inherit changes introduced in a template used to create and deploy it, and those changes need to be tracked to stay on top of incidents triggered in that particular virtual machine, and the layers of complexity add to the difficulty.

Without an effective virtualization configuration management solution, configuration challenges can undermine the value promised by virtualization, and present risk that threatens stability, budgets, and reputations.

Solution: Manage Drift, Ensure Integrity, Control Sprawl

Evolven Change Management takes on the dynamics and complexity of the modern data center and cloud, a way that was never available before, drilling deep into both the physical and virtual environments and uncovering the most minute changes, allowing you to avoid risks to environment stability, security and compliance.

Evolven Change Monitoring  is powerful. It empowers IT teams and Virtualization managers to focus on the changes and differences that matter most, coping with the dynamic allocation of virtual machines while they come up, go down, and move throughout the virtual infrastructure, from a business system perspective.

Evolven configuration management for virtual environments:

  • Offers visibility to the entire IT environment from virtual to physical: see the whole extended end-to-end environment stack from the top - down, from the application level to the virtual infrastructure level, presenting all the physical and the virtual machine configurations applications and their underlying software infrastructure stack – regardless of where they are located.

  • Dives to a granular level: drills-down to the most granular level of individual parameters of any source of the virtual environment, including configuration files, registry, database schema, reference data and stored procedures.

  • Delivers actionable information: tracking the impact of granular information passed across all virtual environments in terms of availability and stability of the environment.

  • Realizes value quickly: relies on groundbreaking analytics to deliver initial value in hours, not days or months.

Through analysis of changes and differences with a focus on criticality and impact, Evolven makes Incident Management easy, analyzing environment configuration information, comparing environments, or a single environment to a historical snapshot or a golden baseline identifying from the abundance of granular information, configuration parameters with critical changes and differences which can create an issue, or actually instigated the problem.

Virtualization Configuration Management Results: Reduce Risk and Realize Real Benefits

There's no question that virtualization offers valuable benefits for IT organizations, with lowered costs, greater agility, more flexibility, higher business alignment, and more. Yet at the same time, it also introduces additional levels of complexity, hindering the fulfillment of virtualization's promise.

As enterprises expand their use of virtualization technologies, ensuring environment configuration stability and control becomes an even greater challenge. IT Operations are unable to validate the integrity of heterogeneous environments, with the limited visibility into image content, environment issues go unnoticed, hindering incident resolution. With sprawl, the possibility of devastating mistakes grows exponentially, and the lack of a business system perspective further magnifies the configuration challenges.

Evolven's configuration management for virtualization solution empowers IT teams and Virtualization Managers, providing visibility and the confidence to embark on the virtualization of mission-critical applications and enjoy the benefits that virtualization promises the enterprise. Evolven's virtualization configuration management solution has the unrivaled ability to manage drift, ensure integrity and control sprawl – resulting in reduced outage risk, minimized system downtime, and increased efficiency.

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