Transforming Configuration Management and Change Management with IT Operations Analytics.

Today's configuration management and change management tools are too rigid and too effort intensive to handle the complexity and dynamics of the modern data center. Even worse, they lack the intelligent analytics required to translate abundant detailed configuration data and frequent changes into critical decision-support information.

Evolven is different. We give you actionable insights based on everything that matters and results in minutes.

IT analytics

Powerful IT Analytics

Evolven's powerful IT operations analytics analyzes detailed configuration changes over time and across different servers and business services. Evolven turns dynamic, overwhelming IT environment data into actionable insights. Evolven identifies all critical changes, differences, inconsistencies and mis-configurations that threaten the stability of your IT environment.

  • Prioritize and highlight changes and differences to identify criticality and impact
  • Classify changes and differences by their area of impact (functionality, performance, security, stability etc).
  • Cut through the noise: Evolven ignores insignificant changes, and aggregates related changes to ensure clear actionable information

A Single Point of View for All Changes

Where existing configuration management and change management tools fail, we succeed. Evolven provides a single point of view of all changes across end-to-end environments. And easy to understand dashboards, reports and alerts, prioritizing and highlighting changes and differences to identify criticality and impact.

  • Detailed, comprehensive reports
  • Proactive alerts
IT analytics

The Entire Application Stack

Configuration changes across the entire environment. Using IT analytics, Evolven covers the vital technology components and applications that make up your business service environment.

You get a consolidated view of your entire application stack, so your operations managers can monitor and control configuration changes across the various layers and platforms of the system software stack.

This includes:
  • Applications
  • Web servers
  • Databases
  • Middleware
  • Messaging layer
  • Operating systems
  • Virtualization layer
  • Hardware

Down to the Most Granular Level

The root-cause of downtime and incidents often start at the most granular level of configuration changes where today's configuration management and change management solutions don't provide visibility.

With IT analytics, Evolven captures and analyzes changes in configuration parameters down to the most granular level allowing for accurate and efficient analysis and clear decision-making.

This includes capturing details for:
  • Configuration files
  • Registry
  • Database schema
  • Stored procedures
  • Reference data held in the database
  • API-based configuration

Dynamic, Up-to-date Crawling

Unlike existing configuration management and change management tools, Evolven was designed from the ground up to deal with the modern data center's dynamics and complexity. With no preliminary setup involved, Evolven IT operations analytics dynamically crawls and captures all the latest changes, making sure nothing is left out.

Applies environment perspective, from physical to virtual data center to cloud covering:
  • Application Architecture
  • Configuration
  • Bill-of-materials
IT analytics

Enjoy a simple initial setup that takes just minutes, allowing you to realize value quickly . Evolven IT operations analytics is the only configuration management and change management solution that is available as both on-premise as well as a software-as-a-service.

  • Get started in minutes
  • Low total cost of ownership
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