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Smarter Together
Evolven and AppDynamics® Integrated Solution

This solution allows AppDynamics users to correlate performance events and metrics with the actual changes carried out in their environments – finding the root-cause in seconds.

Integrate “What’s Wrong” with “What Changed”

Watch Renato Quedas, Director of Enterprise Architecture & Strategy at AppDynamics explain Evolven’s joint value with AppDynamics

What’s Wrong vs. What Changed

AppDynamics tells you exactly what’s wrong: the health of your application, when and where an issue exactly started, and its impact. But, as soon as you know what’s wrong, the immediate next question is: “what changed?” For example, the transaction performed well a few hours ago but not now…something must have changed!

Finally Know What Changed

Evolven tracks down granular changes carried out in your end-to-end environment. Evolven uses patented analytics based on machine learning for analyzing the changes it collects, and correlating them with AppDynamics’ performance events and transaction topology.

This integrated solution provides AppDynamics users with precisely the actionable insights they need for troubleshooting or preventing incidents before the trouble starts.

Incident Troubleshooting and Prevention

Evolven helps production support and operations teams identify changes and differences that caused an incident, or predict which ones will impact future issues. The details of actual changes and differences are detected by deep data collection within and across IT environments, from application to infrastructure layers, at the most granular level.

Accelerate Troubleshooting

Get a prioritized shortlist of root-causes.

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Detect Risky Changes

Receive alert on high risk changes before the trouble starts.

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Manage Consistency

Detect differences between and within environments.

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Unauthorized Changes

Detect changes that do not correlate to any change request.

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Faster MTTR, Fewer Incidents

Evolven helps IT organizations to prevent performance and availability incidents and accelerate troubleshooting across the lifecycle of business systems. Using Evolven as an integral part of your release and deployment processes, you can improve the quality of releases while cutting time-to-market.

Up to 50% faster mean-time-to-resolution

More than 35% decrease in the number of incidents

90% less unauthorized changes

75% less manual effort spent on auditing activities

Trusted by Leaders

Evolven is proven at the world’s leading enterprise customers, monitoring and analyzing millions of configuration changes and corelating risk in over 1 million environments every day.

See Evolven in Action

See Evolven in Action

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