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Evolven: Your ServiceNow Sidekick for Seamless Optimization

Change management is a critical pillar in IT operations for maintaining system stability and efficiency. ServiceNow has long been the cornerstone platform for managing change requests, providing a centralized hub for IT operations. However, while ServiceNow excels at orchestrating change processes, it often lacks granular insights into the actual changes occurring within the IT infrastructure.


Incident Management in Hybrid Cloud Environments

Balancing Risk, Cost, and Resolution Efficiency

Problem resolution efficiency (PRE, or sometimes simply resolution efficiency) is an important key performance indicator (KPI) for operations teams.

Equal to the ratio of the number of resolved problems to the number of raised problems in a given time interval, resolution efficiency gives managers a way of ensuring the proper allocation of ops resources while also providing sufficient attention to continuous improvement efforts.


Get your head out of the silo, with Vendor-Agnostic Situational Awareness

Intellyx BrainBlog for Evolven, by Jason English

The biggest obstacle to gaining visibility into potential risks and failures within an enterprise application state isn’t a lack of dashboards. It’s too many dashboards.


How Evolven Could Have Prevented the McDonald's Global Tech Outage

On March 15, 2024, McDonald's experienced a worldwide technology system outage that impacted restaurants and customers across the globe. It took approximately 12 hours for the issue to be identified and resolved, with most markets coming back online the same day.

Interestingly, McDonald's has stated that the outage was not caused by a cybersecurity incident, but rather by a misconfiguration introduced by a third-party provider. This highlights the critical importance of carefully managing IT environment changes and configurations to maintain reliability and stability.

This is exactly the type of scenario where Evolven's Configuration Risk Intelligence platform could have made a huge difference. Evolven's technology detects and analyzes changes and differences in IT environments to minimize the risk of outages.


The AT&T Outage: How It Happened and How It Could Have Been Prevented

The AT&T Outage:

On February 22nd, 2024, AT&T customers across the country experienced widespread outages that affected more than 70,000 users nationwide and interrupted voice, data, and 911 services. The outage began around 5 AM EST and lasted several hours until about 2 PM EST before services were fully restored. AT&T has been vague about the root cause but it seems it was a software update to network infrastructure that was rolled out across its national backbone network. When the application and execution of an incorrect process was used while working to expand AT&T's network; it resulted in the outages.


The New Evolved IT War Room: Finally, Precision to Root Causes

Battling IT Incidents? It’s Time to Move Beyond Symptoms to True Root Causes

It’s an all-too-familiar scenario for IT leaders - you receive an alert that a critical application or service is down. You scramble into action, assembling key players into a war room to diagnose and resolve the incident. Developers, ops engineers, and application owners pore through volumes of telemetry data, searching for clues. You work to piece together symptoms and theories, struggling to pinpoint the root cause.


The Key to Proactive Incident Management: Understanding the Risks Behind the Data

Managing incidents in any operational environment, no matter the complexity always boils down to this simple, three-step process:


Mastering Change and Risk in IT: The Evolven-ServiceNow Synergy

While high-level messaging for IT operations may sound similar, ServiceNow (SNOW) and Evolven differ in their approach to configurations, changes, and change risk, each providing unique capabilities. In part two of this two-part blog series, we'll explore how Evolven uses its patented AI to analyze the information it collects. We'll also discuss how this is a valuable source of configuration risk intelligence for our customers, especially when integrated with ServiceNow!


Going Beyond Surface-Level IT Configuration Data: How Evolven Elevates ServiceNow

While high-level messaging for IT operations may sound similar, ServiceNow (SNOW) and Evolven differ in their approach to configurations, changes, and change risk - each providing unique capabilities. In part one of this two-part blog series, we'll focus on the basics of data acquisition. In part two, we’ll discuss analysis and integration.


2024's Game-Changing IT Trends: A CIO's Must-Read

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