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10 Insights on IT Leveraging Innovation


10 Insights on IT Leveraging Innovation


InnvoationHave IT organizations lost sight of their essential IT mission?

In recent years, there has been more focus on how to manage current resources at lower costs. The companies that focus on how to really leverage IT innovation and deliver better processes will realize real sustainable competitive business advantages. 

Here are 10 viewpoints from experts at Gartner, Forrester, Ovum, ComputerWorld, CIO.com and more sharing how they see IT leveraging innovation and adding more value to their organization.

1. Without innovation, disruptive technologies take IT down the wrong path (Gartner)

Incumbent seeks retreat form high margin costs by replacing them with disruptive products and services — in the case of IT these lightweight technologies. On the surface it seems like a no brain decision with adoption of lightweight technologies limited only by concerns about security, integrity or functionality — all of which may not be fully capable compared to in house operations. The individually right decision, for example to move to cloud storage or cloud hosting, can set the company on the wrong direction. Not because these services are wrong, or necessarily damaging, but because of how we compensate for market based solutions.

By Mark McDonald, Ph.D., Group VP and Head of Research, Gartner Executive Programs
Lightweight technologies create an Incumbents' Dilemma for CIOs

2. The IT Social Media Liason: Social Business Analyst (Forrester)

Everyone wants success, but by design the nature of innovation is that most ideas can be expected to be failures. Does that matter? Of course not. Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. It's about what we learn from the failure. Not the failure itself. We celebrate that learning

By Lucas Mearian, Computerworld
Creating culture of IT innovation includes rewarding failure

3. Encouraging IT to be more pro-active

How can we encourage IT to be more pro-active in being originators of innovation? After all, for years IT has understood itself as strictly a support function that only responds to the explicit and implicit demands of the business. As IT managers, we have to take steps to make sure we use it [brain power] for something other than just optimizing database performance and storage capacity planning.

By Christopher O'Malley, CEO of Nimsoft
Stimulating IT innovation

4. Not cutting costs at the expense of innovation

"What I find most frustrating as an analyst who specialises in enterprise IT, is how CIOs relentlessly focus on cost reduction in every contract renewal cycle. I think that this chokes both innovation and blue sky thinking," said Kirchheimer, practice leader of the enterprise team at analyst firm Ovum.

By Derek du Preez, Computerworld UK
IT innovation 'more important than cost cutting' - Ovum

5. Bringing real innovation to IT

The cloud has been just as disappointing. The closer you look, the more you'll understand that mostly, the cloud consists of old innovations that have been repackaged to make them available through the Internet. 

By Bob Lewis, President of IT Catalysts, Inc.
IT innovation ain't what it used to be

6. Now IT should focus on innovation

IT can now focus on innovation and value creation, being a true business partner. If there is less focus on control there can be more focus on innovation and an advisory role, coaching and providing an agile response to rapidly emerging business opportunities. 

By Peter James, Chairman
Upside down, inside out: The seismic shift in IT innovation and influence

7. Strong innovation policy

Having a strong innovation management policy is key to making technology work to meet business goals. 

By Jennifer Lawinski
CEOs Plan to Invest in IT, Innovation in 2012

8. Bringing innovation in to the data center

Data center innovation will become a critical inflection point, especially for technology-centric organizations, in the next 5-10 years.

By Greg Nes
Data Centers: The Next Wave of IT Innovation

9. Innovation also means being able to fail

One of the things that's really powerful—and what innovation effectively is—is a license to fail. When you're willing to tolerate failure, people are willing to do things differently. And if you're not willing to do things differently, you have to do it in a tried-and-true way, which is not innovative.

By Kristin Burnham, CIO.com
Facebook's CIO Shares IT Innovation Successes and Failures

10. IT needs to deliver innovation or be overlooked

Business decision-makers are frustrated with their IT organization's ability to deliver innovation. They need to find technology solutions that will help them gain a competitive advantage and bring these solutions to market quickly. If IT can't deliver — or just can't keep up — business professionals will work around them. 

By Christopher Andrews, Principal Analyst & Research Director Serving Sourcing & Vendor Management Professionals, Forrester 
It's Time To Get Serious About Services Innovation

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