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10 Key Issues on Social Media and IT


10 Key Issues on Social Media and IT


Private CloudHow ready is IT to embrace social media?

Social media platforms or no longer a pastime for high-school chat, they have become the norm for many facets of business. However it's still not clear if IT organizations fully understand the value they could offer the business. While IT literally underpins the entire social media revolution, IT managers are just beginning to understand when it comes to using these social media tools for how to improve IT service and support.

Here are 10 viewpoints from experts at Gartner, Forrester, Ovum, InformationWeek, CIO.com and more share how they see where IT is in relation to social media and how this relationship should develop.

1. IT Operations Processes Can Be Captured Through Social Media (Gartner)

So much of IT operations activity remains unaccounted for, and the knowledge of how to perform specific IT operations processes often fails to be captured and turned into reusable assets. Social media technology potentially presents IT organizations with a means to better retain this information while positioning to tie together many of the more conventional IT management technologies.

By Cameron Haight, Research VP with Gartner Research
Social IT Management: Social Media for IT Operations 

2. The IT Social Media Liason: Social Business Analyst (Forrester)

A virtualized data center is not (yet) a private cloud. With an increasing understanding of cloud computing, companies will shift their focus from technical virtualization projects to focus on the change management aspects required for flexible business models between IT and the line of business.

By Rob Koplowitz, Vice President, Principal Analyst Serving Content & Collaboration Professionals
Delivering The Social Business Imperative 

3. Social Media Communication Can Improve Change Management

IT underpins the whole social media revolution, yet IT managers are only scratching the surface when it comes to using social media tools to improve IT service and support. Looking at the key processes involved in IT service management – such as change management and incident/problem management – the one element that routinely spells the difference between success and failure is communication. Changes to the IT infrastructure can be meticulously implemented, but if user expectations are not managed and the effects of changes on a day-to-day basis are not understood, the whole process is doomed to failure.

By Mark Lillycrop, marketing and publications manager at itSMF UK
Social media and IT support - which side is your bread buttered? 

4. IT Can Lead the Way with Social Networking Solutions (Ovum)

For the IT department, opening the door to social media will not necessarily win it any prizes, but it will send an important signal to everyone within the business that says "we're here to help and to serve you". Adopting an "open-door" approach means you have to be ready to respond to the good, the bad, and the ugly.

By Richard Edwards, Principal Analyst, Software - Information Management, Ovum
SDITS 2012: "Socializing" the IT department 

5. A Disconnect Between IT Professionals and Social Media Management

IT teams are statistically shown to not provide social media support for their employees. Robert Half Technology found through their research that 31 percent of organizations completely block social media sites. And in a Unisys study, forty percent of organizations said they don't have guidelines for social media use in the workplace. 

By Curt Finch, CEO of Journyx
IT Professionals are Behind on Social Media—What Gives? 

6. IT Can Help Integrate Social Media

While IT needs to be a lot more proactive in proposing social media solutions, you can't get away from the fact that PR, marketing, and corporate communications are all experts on customer communications. So in many instances, they're going to come up with the basic idea. Problem is, they don't have the technical acumen to flesh out what the "systems thinking" view of their proposal is. IT can be helpful in figuring out whether what they want to propose is even possible.

By Jonathan Feldman, contributing editor for InformationWeek and director of IT services for a rapidly growing city in North Carolina 
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7. CIOs can Take the Lead in Social Media Policy

CIOs can also deploy internal collaboration tools such as Jive, Basecamp, Steamworks or Salesforce so employees, marketing and IT can have dedicated channels to communicate about social media activity and to coordinate outreach campaigns. How employees communicate with marketing and IT about social media should be explained in the policy and its companion operating model.

By Chris Curran, Principal at PwC
Time is Running Out for the CIO to Lead on Social Media

8. Challenge for IT to Implement Social Media Approach

CIOs need to prepare their organizations for the implementation of a social media solution. This is where major challenges will emerge for the IT organization. Most social media platforms are cloud-based (SaaS), which raises a number of issues about data security and operational readiness.

By Jim Lee, blogger for ThinkerNet and has 20 years of experience as an IT executive working for Fortune 500 financial and insurance corporations
CIOs Must Face These Facts to Go Social 

9. IT Needs to Champion the Social Media Initiative

"The role of IT should be to understand the technologies very well, to be the leader in knowing how to deploy them, and to champion their use to change the business," Gillin says. Unfortunately, that's not what he sees happening. He cites a survey by the marketing magazine B2B in which, of some 350 respondents, only one said IT owned the social media initiatives in the organization.

By Paul Desmond, IT trade press reporter for NTT
Paul Gillin, IT and Social Media Author 

10. Social Media Challenges for the IT Organization

Companies are working hard this year to get their arms around the accumulating IT issues while at the same time grappling with how social media is transforming the way their organizations engage with their customers, business partners, and workers. Contributing to the overall challenge is almost too much social media choice. 

By Dion Hinchcliffe, Executive Vice President of Strategy at Dach
Reconciling the enterprise IT portfolio with Social Media

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