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10 Perspectives On the Growing IT Skills Gap


10 Perspectives On the Growing IT Skills Gap


As technology changes, what IT roles will be in high demand in the years to come?  As key IT skills fall into short supply, it is becoming clearer that CIOs are facing several years of managing major change in the IT landscape, and a serious risk of not being able to fill key roles. 

Here are 10 viewpoints from experts at InformationWeek, Baseline, ITWorld, and more sharing their outlook for how to take on the IT skills gap.

1. Many CIOs cite talent shortages as one of their most serious challenges.

Unfortunately, the IT department is not great at employee engagement. In fact, using one measure of engagement – discretionary or extra effort not required by one's job – IT employees rank second-to-last among all corporate functions.

By Andrew Horne, Practice Director, Corporate Executive Board 
The IT Skills Gap 

2. This gap is impacting productivity and other day-to-day operational needs.

These gaps are hampering business success. An investment in new IT education and training will deliver strong return on investment to the bottom line.

By Dennis McCafferty, Baseline
Companies Suffer From IT Skills Gap 

3. We're in a war for talent.

If "people are our most important resource," as employers are wont to proclaim, why do most of them expect this precious asset to show up gift wrapped on day one, and to increase in value with little effort on their part?

By Rob Preston, VP & Editor in Chief, InformationWeek
Skills Shortage? Quit Whining 

4. How are companies keeping teams staffed with the best and brightest.

Finding, and developing IT talent is a top priority for most organizations. However, in-demand skills frequently change, and top performers often explore their options when job markets heat up. 

By Jodie Naze, ITworld 
How IT organizations address skills gap 

5. Difficult for IT workers to stay current with skills.

Unfortunately, nearly 6 in 10 companies report being only moderately close or not even close to where they want to be with IT skills. 

By Amy Carrado, CompTIA 
IT Skills Gaps are Real and Really Affecting Business 

6. Making sure you get the most from the flow of talent.

The key is to create the right environment within a company's culture, where people are encouraged to find a way of learning that helps them.

By John Harris, Chairman of The Corporate IT Forum and Head of IT Strategy at GlaxoSmithKline 
Plugging the IT Skills Gap from Within

7. IT managers are looking for people who have training in multiple disciplines.

It's becoming more and more difficult for CIOs to find workers well-versed in ever-changing technologies like wireless networking, cloud computing, mobile security and big data analytics.

By Lucas Mearian, ComputerWorld 
IT Skills Gap Forces CIOs to get Creative 

8. IT project managers are critical to the IT organization.

Project managers have become so vital in midmarket and enterprise IT organizations that CIOs are recognizing an IT skills gap in this area. It's a challenge to bring people in and train them in project management. 

By Karen Goulart, Features Writer, TechTarget 
Filling IT skills gap and managing projects top list of CIO concerns 

9. Generate interest in IT at school and make workplaces more appealing to women.

It seems something of a 'no-brainer' to suggest that creating an environment which encourages women to take up a career technology may go a long way towards solving the UK's skills gap.

By Kayleigh Bateman, ComputerWeekly 
Plugging the IT skills gap: Encouraging women into a career in technology 

10. Far from ready to tackle IT tasks.

A majority of companies around the globe report not even being close to where they would like to be in terms of having the staff they need to handle important IT tasks. 

By Don Reisinger, CIO Insight
IT Skills Gap: Enterprises Aren't Getting the Tech Support They Need

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