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10 Realizations on Cloud Outages


10 Realizations on Cloud Outages


Cloud OutagesHow can cloud platforms fail?

While cloud computing has been lauded as the next evolution for IT, the benefits have been at odds with the risks. Every time a cloud provider such as Amazon or Microsoft experiences an outage, this becomes headlines, raising questions and commentary. Still, the fact that the possibility of failure exists is no reason not to use them. 

Here are 10 viewpoints from experts at Gartner, Network World, IDC, TechRepublic, and more sharing how to best deal with cloud outages and what this means for the cloud trend.

1. Track More Cloud Outage Issues

Cloud providers continue to track cloud outages/issues based only on availability whereas it must also include performance and response metrics.

By Kyle Hilgendorf, Principal Research Analyst, Gartner
Another Cloud Outage: Insight and Reactions

2. Surviving Cloud Outages

Users can place workloads in multiple regions, use multiple cloud providers, and AWS customers can use a multi-AZ approach

By Brandon Butler, Network World
5 tips for surviving a cloud outage

3. Staying Ahead of Cloud Outages

A common problem is data back-up. In order to avoid problems with back-up, especially when it comes to crucial data, never assume that someone else is automatically protecting you. When deciding to move your data to the cloud, make sure your provider has a back-up plan or a disaster recovery setup.

By Rick Blaisdell
What are the most common cloud outages and how to prevent them?

4. Private Cloud Gains on Outages

For large financial institutions, they are embracing private cloud concepts as they continue their data center investments. These institutions have already successfully deployed virtualized environments and they are forging ahead with metering and pay-as-you-go internal charge-backs to increase pricing transparency to their internal users. 

By David Potterton, IDC
Will the Recent Amazon Outages Slow Cloud Advancement?

5. Putting Cloud Outage into Perspective

It's easy to get upset when a service is offline. I completely understand the frustrations people had in that the service health dashboard wasn't updated and that Telstra (syndication partner in Australia) was not answering every inbound call due to the influx. These are legitimate issues that both Microsoft and Telstra can learn from and continue to improve their services.. 

By Loryan Strant 
Dealing with a cloud outage

6. Is Failure Inevitable?

With this complex ecosystem of systems and services involved, the new point of failure becomes complexity itself. Some argue that in complex systems, failure is inevitable. Instead of assuming that providers will eventually make all of these interconnected systems and service offerings infallible, it is more prudent to assume that there will at some point be a catastrophic outage. 

By Dan Roncadin, Taos Senior Consultant 
Surviving Cloud Outages

7. Confronting Cloud Outage Fears

The key point to remember when making the transition to the cloud is that businesses must trust their cloud provider before they can be entrusted with an organisation's data and infrastructure.

By Max Feneck, SunGuard
3 Practical Steps To A Brighter Cloud

8. Use Several Clouds

Use a few clouds at a time to hedge your IT bets or to use cloud providers as tiers, much like you do with storage and compute servers within the data centers, when reliability by using redundant systems is a requirement. 

By David Linthicum, CTO and founder of Blue Mountain Labs and an internationally recognized industry expert and thought leader 
Use a tiered cloud strategy to skirt outages

9. Being Prepared for Outages

While the cloud is being touted as this magical commodity that lets you store your data where you want without all the hassle, the fact is you lose a lot in control and security. You learn this lesson pretty quickly when your cloud service goes down. Smart IT managers are prepared for possible outages.

By Toni Bowers, Head Blogs Editor of TechRepublic and is the award-winning blogger of the Career Management blog
How companies can prepare for cloud outages

10. Outages Chip Away at the Cloud Brand?

With the cloud about to go prime time will it be a fail if the outages problem creeps in?

By Mike Barton is the editor of Cloudline, Wired
Will the Cloud's Brand Suffer From Outages?

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