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8 Surprising Results from Cloud Surveys by the Experts


8 Surprising Results from Cloud Surveys by the Experts


blog cloudOptimism for cloud is mixed with migration challenges, as surveys tally the cloud maturity for IT. 

Cloud has gone from hype to the main platform in the data center, particularly with strong leaning toward private cloud. 

Here are 8 points of view from experts at IDG, Dimensional Research, InformationWeek, Deloitte and more sharing the results of their surveys of IT professionals.

1. 50 percent of respondents reporting confidence in cloud for mission-critical applications.

In 2012, we're seeing cloud vault ahead of its early shroud of doubt and skepticism with a full 50 percent of respondents reporting confidence in cloud for mission-critical applications.

By Michael J Skok, Partner at NorthBridge 
2012 Future of Cloud Computing - 2nd Annual Survey results 

2. 20% agree that private cloud and public cloud go hand in hand.

About 56% of respondents give their private clouds relatively high ratings for delivering value to their businesses in terms of service level expectations. And about 42% say private cloud has met their expectations for increasing the efficient use of IT resources. 

By Joe McKendrick, Contributor
Private Clouds are From Mars; Public Clouds are From Venus... Sort Of 

3. Organizations see great possibilities in cloud technology and are turning to it to better manage their IT environments.

Most respondents (64 percent) agreed with the statement that cloud computing will mean higher costs in the short term, but will save money in the long term. 

CIOs Plan to Increase Cloud Spending

4. The bulk of cloud initiatives are reactive, in response to line-of-business requirements or demands.

Fortunately, only a minority are feeling the pain so far. Just 14% of respondents fired a cloud provider, with 22% of those saying it had a major or catastrophic impact on the business, while 81% think the performance of their cloud services is as good or better compared with what could be delivered in-house. 

By Michael Healey , InformationWeek
Cloud Computing Is Still A Leap Of Faith 

5. Cloud will play a critical role in shaping business strategy.

Cloud may grab an even bigger slice of IT budgets in the next few years. Close to two-thirds of companies expect to increase cloud spending in the next 12 months. On average, organizations will increase cloud computing spending by 16%. 

By Joe McKendrick, Contributor to Forbes 
More Than One-Third of IT Budgets Now Spent on Cloud: Survey 

6. The number of diehards who resist the notion of running business apps in the cloud is dwindling.

The 2012 Future of Cloud Survey, sponsored by North Bridge Venture Partners, shows acceptance of cloud computing for important business workloads is growing — the overall percentage of respondents feeling comfortable with this notion was actually 50 percent, but that figure included tech vendors as well as end users and since most vendors have a vested interest in cloud computing, that may skew the numbers. 

By Barb Darrow , GigaOM 
Enterprises to cloud: Ready or not, here we come

7. Security has got to be one of the first things you think about.

Firms first need to ask how they plan on securing their information in a cloud computing environment.

By Fred O'Connor, CIO.com 
Study: IT's Future Lies with Cloud Computing, Security and Mobile 

8. Businesses are investing heavily in cloud computing today.

Our research reveals high optimism and expectations among CIOs and IT executives for cloud adoption and value, but also hurdles including the anticipation that IT will end up operating cloud applications bought by other areas of the business and without input from IT. In overcoming these and other hurdles to adoption, good communication is essential, but not always existent. One silver lining: BI can help solve problems caused by siloed SaaS applications.

By Brian Taylor 
Host Analytics Cloud Survey: Optimism, Adoption Challenges

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