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10 Views On How IT Is Being Circumvented


10 Views On How IT Is Being Circumvented


blog circumvent mainIs the consumerization of IT undercutting IT efficiency and stability?

Will the cloud make IT activities obsolete? 

Disruptive forces and technologies are presenting more opportunities to companies, while creating challenges for IT to maintain their mandates around security and performance. 

Here are 10 viewpoints from experts at Forrester, IDC, ITWorld, and more sharing their outlook for issues that IT needs to address to remain effective, and relevant.

1. Business executives are ready to take up cloud services without the IT department's sanction.

The CIOs acknowledged that this problem isn't going away, with 79 per cent saying that they would support running mission-critical workloads on public cloud services in the next two years. Only 36 per cent do this now. The CIOs are aware that managing performance of the public cloud might be difficult.

By Suzanne Tindal, ZDNet.com.au 
CIOs Worry They're Being Bypassed

2. Two thirds of business managers keep budgets that let them buy tech without involving IT.

Top reasons for going around IT? The need to respond quickly to changes in the market, self-sufficiency of their IT-savvy workforce, and the easy availability of top-quality it services that can be bought without long implementation or testing.

By Kevin Fogarty, ITWorld
Why Businesses Move to the Cloud: They Hate IT

3. A perception grows that IT exists to point out every tiny cloud on an otherwise sunny day.

This description applies to IT organizations where the unstated goal of IT is to insert itself into every technology-related discussion and highlight all the reasons why an initiative won't work.

By Patrick Gray, founder and president of Prevoyance Group, and author of Breakthrough IT: Supercharging Organizational Value through Technology
The Department of No

4. End-users are adopting directly, without the help, consent, or even awareness of the IT department.

To borrow the old analogy, if working in IT is like changing the tires on a bus that's moving at 60 miles an hour, while talking to the bus driver (business executive) on the phone, cloud computing means relying on someone else to change the tire. 

By Doug Dineley, InfoWorld
Information Workers Make Technology Decisions for themselves

5. The IT organization will need to evolve, requiring different management approaches and different IT skills.

With Amazon's EC2, Google's AppEngine, and now Microsoft's Azure, cloud computing is looking more like a real architecture that your data center has a good chance of being connected to in the near future. 

Cloud Computing: How It Can Fundamentally Change Information Technology Organizations

6. CIOs and IT decision makers need to quickly win over key stakeholders.

One in five Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) executives are willing to ignore the IT department and consume unapproved public cloud applications according to IDC research..

IDC: Australia and New Zealand Executives Are Willing to Bypass IT To Go To The Cloud

7. Adjust to the distruptive market forces IT has generated.

Disruptive market forces generated by IT are now turning on IT's builders and managers. The number of CIOs will decrease during the next five years.

By Larry Tieman, InformationWeek Global CIO 
Why The CIO Position Is In Jeopardy

8. Using systems and processes that haven't been invented by in-house IT teams can bring big problems.

CIOs are concerned that cloud provides business teams with a way around IT teams by acquiring cloud services on their own, which undermines the strategic partnership they are trying to build with business leaders. 

By Sooraj Shah, Computing.co.uk 
CIOs fear business leaders see cloud as way to circumvent IT

9. The perception that IT is just about standing in the way of innovation.

The tension that exists between IT and business units. The former who want to ensure security and control, the latter who simply want to get stuff done..

By Ben Kepes, Principal of Diversity Analysis, Cloud Ave
More on the IT Business Boiling Point

10. IT organizations must throw out the old rulebook.

The old IT rulebook is obsolete, but the new one that accounts for the rise of mobile, social, and analytics hasn't been written.

By Chris Murphy, InformationWeek
15 New Rules For IT To Live By

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