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2013 Predictions on IT from Experts and Industry Analysts


2013 Predictions on IT from Experts and Industry Analysts


Data Centers. BYOD. Cloud. IT Consumerization. Analytics.

While technology's role in the IT organization is increasing, what does this mean for the role of the IT organization?

Those responsible for managing IT organizations are doing more with less and adopting empowering new technologies.

Concern around the impact to the IT organization has always been high for both IT professionals, as the value of IT is evaluated. How will developments in 2013 impact the IT organization? This collection shows how experts and industry analysts expect new developments to effect IT for this coming year.

Have your own outlook or IT prediction? See the IT technology taking another direction? Share your insights in the comments section below.

1. Actionable Analytics Will Drive IT Operations

logo gartnerOutlook by: David W. Cearley, VP & Gartner Fellow, Gartner

Expectations: "With the improvement of performance and costs, IT leaders can afford to perform analytics and simulation for every action taken in the business. The mobile client linked to cloud-based analytic engines and big data repositories potentially enables use of optimization and simulation everywhere and every time. This new step provides simulation, prediction, optimization and other analytics, to empower even more decision flexibility at the time and place of every business process action." 

Link: See what to expect

2. The Business Will Continue to be Less Forgiving of IT Failure

Forrester: 2012 IT Budget Planning Guide For CIOsOutlook by: Stephen Mann Forrester Research

Expectations: "There is an emerging change in "IT people mindsets." But don't get me wrong; there are still many more minds to change (including those of the people that fund IT), and I can't help but comment on the fact that I see geographical differences similar to what we have traditionally seen with ITIL adoption. Importantly though I am starting to speak with more people who see IT (and ITSM) as the means to an end rather than the end itself."

Link: See what to expect

3. Analytics Aligned with Business Processes

IT budgets look good in new TechRepublic/ZDNet surveyOutlook by: Mark Samuels Journalist, TechRepublic

Expectations: "CIOs will have to think in a case-oriented manner and work backwards from the required business outcome to the implementation of technology. The future of information will be all about analytics aligned with business processes."

Link: See what to expect

4. Dramatic changes in Cloud

IT budgets look good in new TechRepublic/ZDNet surveyOutlook by: Rachel King  Staff writer, ZDNet

Expectations: "The good news is that spend will continue to grow in 2012, but not at the same clip that we saw coming into 2011. If you look at the big consulting firms, they reported a banner year this past year, they've had a ton of growth, but they're all lowering expectations off that growth."

Link: See what to expect

6. 2013: Year of the hybrid cloud

NetworkWorld: 2012 IT budgets, Salaries on the RiseOutlook by: Christine Burns Director, Network World Test Alliance Network World, Inc 

Expectations: "85% of IT executives are predicting that their 2012 IT budgets will be greater than or equal to their 2011 figures. Only 65% of respondents made this prediction two years ago. Another positive indicator is that IT budget allocations will remain steady in 2012, with internal staff expected to receive the largest share of the pie at 37% of spending compared to 38% this year."

Link: See what to expect


Link: See what to expect

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