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25 IT Environment Performance Metrics for Taking Your Organization to the Next Level


25 IT Environment Performance Metrics for Taking Your Organization to the Next Level


If we do not measure where we are going then we are sure to get somewhere, but probably not where we would like to be. blog_25_keymetricsBelow are the key metrics we've identified from the book Metrics for IT Service Management, that you can apply to guide your IT organization to success.

Incident Management

  • Percentage of incidents resolve by 1st line support
  • Average time to resolve
  • First time Right Resolution
  • Percentage of proactively solved incidents

See how you can cut incident investigation time and restore a normal service operation as quickly as possible,  see the Evolven Incident Management solution

Configuration Management

  • Number of unauthorized configurations 
  • Number of incidents from failed changes
  • Number of breached SLA because of CMDB errors
Learn how to redefine your Configuration Management approach and identify unauthorized configurations at the most granular level.

Change Management

  • Percentage of failed changes 
  • Number of unauthorized changes 
  • Outages during changes 
  • Percentage of changes on time
  • Percentage of changes causing incidents
See how to reduce the risk of undesired disruptions to IT services,  see the Evolven Release Management solution

Release Management

  • Number of incidents caused by releases 
  • Percentage of releases on time
See how you can ensure that the release execution adheres to the release plan,  see the Evolven Release Management solution.

Problem Management

  • Total number of incidents 
  • Total user downtime 
  • Cost for resolving a problem
See how you can reduce the number of incidents and accelerate incident management.

Availability Management

  • Downtime, unavailability of services
  • Incident resolution time
  • MTTR
  • MTBSI (mean time between system incidents)
  • First fix rate
See how Evolven Change Monitoring cuts downtime and accelerates incident management time and effort.

Risk Management

  • Percentage of impact to schedule
  • Amount of cost difference
  • Amount of resources used
See how you can reduce risks to lengthy system downtime and cutting time to repair,  see the Evolven Change Management solution.
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