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Big Data Predictions and Opportunities for 2012 from the Experts


Big Data Predictions and Opportunities for 2012 from the Experts


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Big data has been talked about as a phenomenon that allows organizations to make sense of their volumes of data. This is about connecting the dots among disparate and possibly disconnected data sets.

While the topic of Big Data grabbed a lot of headlines in 2011 and Big Data has been portrayed in infographics, mostly around defining "Big Data" and exploring the wide-range of emerging tools, many are expecting 2012 to be the year that Big Data transitions from technical buzz and becomes a real-life implementation for the enterprise. 

On the other hand, in our recent post Big Data For IT? Get A Handle On Small Data First!, we took the perspective that the problem for IT is not Big Data itself, but analyzing and being able to take action based on the data.

For the past year, the term "Big Data" -- or data rapidly growing in both size and type -- is gaining momentum with vendors and businesses inquiring how to manage and analyze the information deluge. That trend is likely to continue in 2012, as seen in the collection of predictions from Big Data experts below.

Have your own predictions for the Big Data? See the Big Data trend going another direction? Share your insights in the comments section below.

1. The Year Ahead In Big Data? Big, Cool, New Stuff Looms Large! (Forrester)

ForresterPredictions by: James Kobielus
Managing Vice President, Forrester

Predictions in a nutshell:

  • Enterprise Hadoop deployments will expand at a rapid clip.
  • In-memory analytics platforms will grow their footprint.
  • Graph databases will come into vogue.

Opportunities: We will see VCs put big money behind graph database and analytics startups. Many big data platform and tool vendors will acquire the startups to supplement their expanding Hadoop, NoSQL, and enterprise data warehousing (EDW) portfolios.

Link: See the predictions

2. Ovum research reveals enterprise Big Data analytics interest

451 Research Unveils Predictions for Enterprise IT in 2012

Predictions byTony Baer
Principal Analyst, Ovum

Predictions insight:

There is little question that data is exploding, with most of the enterprises we spoke to predicting that in the next year alone the amount of data in their warehouses will grow by at least 10 to 20 per cent.Link: See the predictions


3. 10 Big Data Predictions for 2012

10 Big Data Predictions for 2012 DACHIS GROUPPredictions by: Dion Hinchcliffe, DACHIS GROUP

Predictions in a nutshell:

  • Data scientists will be in short supply
  • Analytics vendors (social and otherwise) will start down the big data path.
  • Everyone will label everything big data in 2012
  • Companies looking for one-click setup of big data solutions will increasingly have their needs met
  • Codifying the domain of a business in order to 'teach' an organization's big data platforms
  • Consumerization of big data will be one of the primary vectors into the organization
  • Bureaucratic-strapped companies will struggle to embody its strategy and policy in an operational big data life cycle
  • Rich data, such as audio, images, and video, will remain opaque to most organizations.
  • Social media and big data will have significant lift this year.
  • Companies will do surprisingly well integrating early big data capabilities in their social business efforts.

Opportunities: 2012 will be an experimental year, a year spent preparing the fundamentals and figuring out the ways in which the pieces of the many disciplines that big data draws from will fit together. Many organizations will be trying out new ways to integrate big data ideas into their business while others will be putting the tools through their paces.

Link: See the predictions

4. Predicts 2012: Four Forces Combine to Transform the IT Landscape (Gartner)

GartnerPredictions by:
Daryl C. Plummer
, Managing VP & Gartner Fellow
Peter Middleton, Principal Research Analyst

Opportunities: "The concept of "big data" is beginning to forever alter the relationship of technology to information consumption, as data coming from multiple federated sources and in structured and unstructured forms must now be analyzed using new methodologies foreign to many IT departments." 

Link: See the predictions

5. Five Big Data Predictions for 2012 (O'Reilly Radar)

Five Big Data Predictions for 2012 (O'Reilly Radar)Predictions by: Edd Dumbill 
Program chair for the O'Reilly Strata Conference and the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, O'Reilly Radar

Predictions in a nutshell:

  • More powerful and expressive tools for analysis
  • Streaming data processing
  • Rise of data marketplaces
  • Development of data science workflows and tools
  • Increased understanding of and demand for visualization

Opportunities: "Over the next few years we'll see the adoption of scalable frameworks and platforms for handling streaming, or near real-time, analysis and processing. In the same way that Hadoop has been borne out of large-scale web applications, these platforms will be driven by the needs of large-scale location-aware mobile, social and sensor use."

Link: See the predictions

6. 2012 Predictions – Technology Will Shape Who We Are As People And Businesses (Forrester)

ForresterPredictions by: Brian Hopkins
Principal Analyst, Forrester

Opportunities: "Leading firms in 2012 will let go and learn to live in the chaos, focusing on what they can control. The data hype will continue, but enterprise deployments of big data systems will lead to focused results for the front-runners."

Link: See the predictions

7. How Enterprise Big Data Will Affect Organizations in 2012 (Wireless Business & Technology)

SearchCIO 2011 IT Salary SurveyPredictions by: Liz McMillan 
Associate Editor of Ulitzer New-Media Platform

A summary of predictions from RainStor, a provider of Big Data management software.

Predictions in a nutshell:

  • Big Data will Transition from Technology "Buzz" to a Real Business Challenge Affecting Many Large Global Enterprises
  • In Key Industries, Machine-Generated Data Growth Will Outpace Social Media and other Human-Generated Data Sources
  • Hadoop Big Data Analytics Capabilities will Converge with Traditional Data Warehouses
  • IT Developers will Require a Wider Range of Skills and New Tools to Manage Big Data Environments
  • As Big Data Becomes the Enterprise Focus, In-Memory Database Capabilities will Rise in Popularity

Opportunities: "The industries impacted most by Big Data growth will be communications, financial services and utilities/smart grids -- sectors governed by external regulators. These industries must not only keep detailed data online for specific timeframes, but also provide data scientists ongoing access to months and years of detailed data to develop better algorithms and conduct predictive analytics."

Link: See the predictions

8. Billions And Billions: Big Data Becomes A Big Deal (Deloitte)

Predictions by: Deloitte

Opportunities: Like many nascent IT spaces, big data has been difficult to size. Estimating the market size is challenging for several reasons: there are varied definitions of what BD is, it is still early in the adoption cycle of big data technologies, and most of the companies who are doing BD do not disclose their spending.

Link: See the predictions

9. Blurring the Lines across Traditional Boundaries: Top IT & Data Management Trends of 2012 (EMA)

logo emaPredictions by: Dennis Drogseth
Vice President, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)

Predictions in a nutshell:

  • Big Data
  • Advanced Threat Intelligence
  • Advanced Performance-to-Business Management Analytics
  • User Experience Management (UEM)
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping
  • Melds
  • "Application-aware" solutions for network management
  • Predictive Analytics in Support of Automation
  • Collaborative business intelligence
  • Unified Information Management

Opportunities: One of the more interesting, emerging areas is social data analytics—both for IT and beyond IT—as businesses seek to apply techniques such as sentiment analysis, geo-location, behavioral, social graph, and rich media social data to better understand everything from customer likes and dislikes and more effective risk management, to leveraging social media within IT as a foundation for problem resolution and requirements definitions.

Link: See the predictions

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