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BSM Rediscovered (Forrester)


BSM Rediscovered (Forrester)


forrester_logoJean-Pierre Garbani, VP and Principle Researcher at Forrester, explores the roots of Business Service Management (BSM). He explains that we were all convinced that discovery tools should be embedded in infrastructure management solutions to improve them. 

Recalling the conversations he had with all big four product managers, and everyone agreed at the time that the “repository” of dependencies, later to become CMDB, was not a standalone solution. What actually happened was that the CMDB discovery tools showed a lot of limitations. 

The imperfect CMDB (that was the result became the center of ITIL v2 universe) has two major failures: 1) Lack of real-time dependency discovery — because last month’s application dependencies are as good as yesterday’s newspaper when it comes to root cause analysis or change detection, and 2) the inability to rework tools around these dependencies — because it would have added a level of visibility and intelligence that is sorely lacking. 

Source: http://blogs.forrester.com/jean_pierre_garbani/11-02-10-bsm_rediscovered


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