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The Chief Data Officer Rises


The Chief Data Officer Rises


The CIO role, both strategically and on the operating level, is incredible. 

So in an ideal world, one person, like the CIO, should be focused on the quality, management, governance and the availability of data. However today's overwhelming amounts of data make this burden too great for the CIO's already broad responsibilities for the enterprise. 

For 2013 and beyond, experts are anticipating the advent of the role of Chief Data Officer to better understand when business units should be looking for answers in the company's data, treating data as a strategic asset. 

1. The burden of the CIO will be lifted by splitting the job into two.

We believe that the chief data officer -- separate from the chief information officer -- will be one of the top critical hires in 2013. By 2015, coming up to 50% of the Fortune 100 will have a chief data officer. That's up from 5% today. 

By Linda Tucci, News Director, SearchCIO 
The rise of the chief data officer

2. Capturing necessary data.

A critical prerequisite to making data-driven decisions is collecting the right data. For the CDO, this would mean ensuring that processes are being instrumented and that all necessary data is being captured and stored.

By Anthony Goldbloom and Merav Bloch, Harvard Business Review
Your C-Suite Needs a Chief Data Officer

3. The champion of enterprise data.

Organizations need a chief data officer who can be the champion of enterprise data at the executive table and can provide the leadership and stewardship required to effectively manage data assets. Organizations should carefully evaluate characteristics such as size, footprint, organization structure and maturity of data management practices to arrive at the optimum way to structure the CDO organization. 

By By Rich Cohen and Ara Gopal, Analytics Magazine 
Chief Data Officer: New seat in the C-suite

4. A place to go for questions about data.

As the role of data management becomes more of a process in the firm, the business units now have a place to go with questions about data. All data is important, but now there's a place where business units can go to get their questions answered. 

By Greg MacSweeney, Editorial Director, Wall Street and Technology 
The Evolving Role of the CDO

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