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6 Cloud Infographics on What's Happening with the Cloud


6 Cloud Infographics on What's Happening with the Cloud


More and more organizations are moving their operations into the cloud. With all the hype around "the cloud," it's difficult not to be skeptical about its value. It is possible to understand the building blocks that help make the cloud more tangible for businesses of all sizes

So how is cloud computing growing? What is the impact on business? What are the big cloud decisions? What have we learned from our time in the cloud already? 

The cloud revolution is underway, and the possibilities are endless. But one thing is certain, as you can see below – the face of enterprise IT has been changed forever.

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1. The Cloud Impact and Adoption

The Cloud Impact and Adoption 

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2. Ahead in the Cloud

Ahead in the Cloud 

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3. Cloud Reality Check

Cloud Reality Check 

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4. The Cloud Wars Private vs. Public

The Cloud Wars 

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5. Growth of Cloud

Growth of Cloud 

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6. Global Cloud Networking Survey

Global Cloud Networking Survey 

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