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CMDB 3.0


CMDB 3.0


Hank Marquis describes how ITIL v3 has revolutionized configuration management and redefined CMDB. He explains that the CMDB has been one of the most desired, misunderstood, over-marketed and most failure prone of all the ITIL concepts. 

Just as process, teamwork, workflow and leadership are essential for an organization, knowledge management helps IT organizations bond together. He pinpoints confusion that comes from CMDB is directly related to people not understanding configuration management and thus thinking that CMDB refers to “normal” configuration management, such as managing device configuration files. 

ITIL v3 acknowledges and accepts these facts and has subsequently dropped configuration management as a process. He explains how ITIL v3 changes could be one of the best things to happen to ITIL and those of who work with ITIL on a daily basis.

Source: http://www.itsmsolutions.com/newsletters/DITYvol3iss24.htm


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