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CMDB: What Does It Really Mean


CMDB: What Does It Really Mean


Rob England, AKA The IT Skeptic, defines CMDB as "that huge IT Monument to unnecessary technology which is known to the vendors and their sucker buyers as CMDB". 

He describes CMDB as a complex technology with costs exceeding its real value. In fact, the ITIL is also inflating and over-selling CMDB with no suggestions for overcoming the CMDB problems. Concerning CMDB, what's been forgotten is that it's better to have something simple working than something complex unfinished. He explains that often organizations need to track the relationships from services to their component CIs, in order to improve the efficiency and/or effectiveness of our processes.

Once the deficiency to be addressed is understood, only then should the appropriate technology be selected. 

Source: http://www.itskeptic.org/cmdb-what-does-it-really-mean


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