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Configuration Management Database: The New Kid on the ITIL Block


Configuration Management Database: The New Kid on the ITIL Block


Paul Rubens declares that creating a CMDB is no small task. He explains that for all but the smallest of organizations, creating a complete CMDB is likely to be a mammoth project whose completion will be measured in years, if ever. 

Just to create a CMDB, all kinds of problems must be overcome, from deciding who will lead the project (without the necessary seniority, any attempt to garner knowledge from different departments is likely to be seen simply as a nuisance and ignored) to working out how best to compile the necessary information (auto-discovery tools can be useful, but only up to a point). Many people believe that the cost of creating a complete CMDB is far too high to be worthwhile. 

In fact, only a very few exceptional companies can justify creating a CMDB. And even these are unlikely to be able to justify one on the grounds of cost and economic benefit. More likely, they will be the sorts of organizations that require one as a condition of being in their chosen business.

Source: http://www.serverwatch.com/trends/article.php/3697091/Configuration-Management-Database-The-New-Kid-on-the-ITIL-Block.htm

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