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APM Digest: Control or Change? Maintaining Enterprise Performance Without Compromising Innovation


APM Digest: Control or Change? Maintaining Enterprise Performance Without Compromising Innovation


by Sasha Gilenson

Originally published in APM Digest (January 13, 2012).

Today's IT infrastructure, systems and applications, and the business operations they support, are more complex than ever. This means that the amount of configuration information in IT environments is staggering.A structured change management approach can effectively reduce the number of change and system configuration errors.

However, this comes with a price, slowing the enterprise's ability to implement improvements.At the same time, IT operations needs to able to rapidly introduce changes to environments and without change control processes, the risk of environmental failures increases greatly.

Businesses will need change management and configuration management resources that can allow them to effectively drive change in their environment while not inhibiting business agility, and remaining in control.

See the original article at: http://www.apmdigest.com/control-or-change-maintaining-enterprise-performance-without-compromising-innovation

About the Author
Sasha Gilenson
Sasha Gilenson enjoyed a long and successful career at Mercury Interactive (acquired by HP), having led the company's QA organization, participating in establishing Mercury's Software as a Service (SaaS), as well as leading a Business Unit in Europe and Asia.

Sasha played a key role in the development of Mercury's worldwide Business Technology Optimization (BTO) strategy and drove field operations of the Wireless Business Unit, all while taking on the duties as the Mercury's top "guru" in quality processes and IT practices domain. In this capacity, Sasha has advised numerous Fortune 500 companies on technology and process optimization, and in turn, acquired a comprehensive and rare knowledge of the market and industry practices.

Sasha holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science from Latvian University and MBA from London Business School.