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12 Hot Emerging IT Roles in 2015


12 Hot Emerging IT Roles in 2015


CIOHow will Big Data impact your organization? Will the a presence in the cloud grow? The rapid pace of technology change isn't slowing. Neither is the demand for talented IT professionals to support advancements in areas like the cloud, big data, security, and mobility to name a few. These advancements are creating the need for new roles that will become essential for IT departments to keep pace with the growing list of critical business projects they support. These positions answer the real needs of businesses that want to prepare for the future and stand to truly influence the organization either now or in the future.  Here is a list from experts at leading IT media outlets sharing what IT roles they see emerging in 2015.

1. Data Scientist

Within the IT department, a skilled data scientist can spot potential storage cluster failures early or track down security threats through forensic analysis. There's now an intellectual consensus in business that the only way to run an enterprise is to use analytics with data scientists to find opportunities
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2. Mobile Application Developer

Now Mobile software developer much more in the mainstream, much more frequently seen in the marketplace Candidates with mobile app development skills are hard to find, and this is largely due to the lack of relevant mobile application development training and curriculum offered by higher education today.
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3. Chief Technology Innovation Officer

The best way to ensure your business stays on top of what's going on in the technology world is to hire someone whose sole focus is emerging technologies. It will be the role of chief technology innovation officer (CTIO) to seek out new technologies, establish whether they could benefit the business and work out the best strategy for implementation.
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4. IT Infrastructure Director

The director ensures that all infrastructure components are working properly. The job's authority extends to policies, procedures and controls of the use of data and applications. 
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5. Chief Security Office

Organizations are investing more in their network and data security to protect their confidential information, to protect their data, to protect their systems, keep people from hacking in, so more and more organizations are investing in roles around IT security. You're seeing the traditional homogenous security roles become more specialized and more focused. Within security, there are several burgeoning roles, including roles like information security crimes expert, forensics expert, CISO/ISO or Director of Security, and even software developers who are particularly security-savvy.
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6. Compliance officer

Organizations around the world are required to comply with various government and industry regulations. It's the job of the compliance officer to manage and make sure the company adheres to the regulations covering the business he or she works for. 
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7. Technology Broker

A technology broker provides buying advice and negotiating support to divisions across a company to make sure purchasing decisions are sound and that technology's compatible with existing systems. Some brokers will have a sales or business development background, others will come from procurement or have experience managing IT providers, but all will need to help others within the company make informed decisions based on their previous experience. 
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8. Information Insight Enabler

Information insight enabler is something of a big data role; they act as coaches, not just technologists, to help business leaders and front-line employees to derive greater insight from management reports. These folks understand the data and know best how to put it to business use.
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9. User Experience Guru

A user experience guru is necessary to understand and improve the user experience and improve collaboration and productivity
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10. Cloud Integration Specialist

A cloud integration specialist is dedicated to navigating coordination and integration issues as well as managing and educating purchasers and users on compatibility and on working with vendors to ask the right questions. 
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11. End-to-End IT Service Manager

The concept of IT-as-a-service requires a role that integrates business, information and technology to create end-to-end IT services that increase flexibility while maintaining efficiency. 
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12. Social Media Architect

"In large companies, a given company's social infrastructure tends to include multiple social platforms. Designing an infrastructure in which all these apps can work together will require IT pros focused explicitly on social business. Because social business is still in its infancy, the range of emerging job titles varies widely, but at least they've matured beyond the generalized, marketing-centered monikers like "social media strategist" and "social media manager" that first appeared. In our conversations with analysts, leaders at IT job sites, and socially driven companies, we've seen an array of more specialized titles, ranging from director of social business technology to director of enterprise collaboration strategy to, most commonly, social media architect." 
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What roles do you see emerging in IT for 2015?

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