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6 Illuminating Private Cloud Infographics


6 Illuminating Private Cloud Infographics


The private cloud has been looked at a version of 'in-house' cloud computing instead of turning to an Internet-based service. The appeal for private cloud computing is that you get all the scalability, metering, and time-to-market benefits that would be found in public cloud services, yet without the control issues, security, and ongoing cost of service accruement. 

Yet despite the attraction, Private Cloud has its share of challenges. Private cloud as an infrastructure must support a wide array of enterprise applications. It is a private infrastructure running a multitude of different services. 

Some called private cloud a fad, expecting private clouds to disappear with companies coming to a realization that building private clouds that can compete with public clouds was challenging. Now enterprise CIOs are investing more than ever in building private clouds, moving both existing and new solutions to the private cloud to gain efficiencies and improve operations in their data centers. Take a look at these infographics that explain and clarify the cloud computing field and where private cloud is positioned.

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1. Private Cloud Computing Explained

2. Cloud Computing Landscape

Cloud Computing Landscape 

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3. The Private Cloud Gets Real

The Private Cloud Gets Real 

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4. Cloud Computing: Public vs. Private

Cloud Computing: Public vs. Private 

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5. What is Private Cloud Computing?

What is Private Cloud Computing? 

6. The Private Cloud Hosting Checklist

UKFast Hosting – Cloud Services Checklist 

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