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I&O Execs: It’s Time To Rediscover BSM (Forrester)


I&O Execs: It’s Time To Rediscover BSM (Forrester)


Forrester ResearchPrincipal Researcher and VP of Forrester Research, Jean-Pierre Garbani, looks at the original business service management (BSM) concept. He explains how it was founded on the capability to map business services to infrastructure components. This was meant to give end users visibility into IT as well as bridge the way IT and users see applications. 

However, as Jean-Pierre continues, the foundational technology of application mapping discovery and the configuration management database (CMDB) or configuration management system (CMS) has not yet fulfilled all of its promises. 

These failed on two counts: 1) Does not allow real-time updates 2) the granularity of data is sometimes too coarse to be useful. 

Source: http://www.forrester.com/rb/Research/i%26o_execs_time_to_rediscover_bsm/q/id/59210/t/2


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