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IT Operations Analytics [eBook]


IT Operations Analytics [eBook]


Recently we released a new, free publication 'IT Operations Analytics', an eBook that lets you see how to get actionable insights for addressing practical day-to-day operations questions.

Today IT operations faces new levels of challenges that can no longer be handled with existing approaches. 

In light of this situation, Gartner's IT Operations Management analysts published a Hype Report showing the momentum that IT Operations Analytics is gathering in IT Management. 

The pace of change in today's IT world is truly astonishing. With cost pressures and complexity frustrating many IT ops teams, IT is expected to help the business side weave together multiple kinds of technology to solve time-pressured business challenges, pushing the IT landscape in complexity, having to support a wider range of technologies and platforms, and accelerated release schedules. 

This eBook focuses on these challenges and learn how IT operations Analytics can deliver the intelligence that IT operations organizations crave.

Some of the topics covered:

  • How IT Operations Analytics are changing the rules for IT Management
  • How I&O organizations can clearly demonstrate business value
  • How to make IT Outsourcing work by implementing IT Operations Analytics
  • How IT Operations Analytics can Supplement APM
  • What is making Change and Configuration Management sexy again

The eBook is available for free download at

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