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IT Operations Lessons from Charlie Brown


IT Operations Lessons from Charlie Brown


IT Operations are driven by changes. Nevertheless, ensuring that critical business systems continue to stay on track, becomes one their biggest contributions to the business. At the same time this most critical function relies on processes and tools that have hit their limit.


Complexity is a recurring theme for today's infrastructure and operations (I&O) executives. Applications are proliferating, and the interdependence between applications and underlying infrastructure is multiplying as new functions are integrated or added to existing legacy ones. This makes it increasingly difficult to manage and control the sprawl and delivery of all these business services.

As a result, stories of major operational outages at leading companies come up over and over in the media. As the technology in our organizations grows more complex, piles of information are generated in IT environments, with the number of servers (virtual and physical) growing, and likewise the amount of information that needs to be managed by enterprise data centers is bigger.

Same Old Tools

So in this advanced, modern world, you need to have tools that support the complexity and pace of today's data centers. Like how Charlie Brown continually trusted Lucy to hold the football for him, today's IT organizations have stuck to the same old approach in the face of new and overwhelming activity.

Yet for the chronic change and configuration challenges facing IT operations, like Charlie Brown, IT pros need to take a new approach and adopt a new generation of tools for analyzing these environments, in an automated fashion, be able to assure that the IT management loop is closed.

IT Operations Analytics

Able to quickly and efficiently discover the root causes of IT system performance problems, the new discipline of IT operations analytics assesses the relative impact from multiple causes, analyzing service cost and anticipating performance impacting events among other IT operations management areas. 

IT operations analytics can be applied to translate abundant detailed configuration data and frequent changes into critical decision-support information, providing actionable insights that address practical day-to-day operations questions (like, when an incident occurs, can you quickly know "what changed"?).

New Approach

Evolven brings a new analytics based approach that will finally resolve this issue. Gartner recently recognized the IT Operations Analytics space as one of most promising for IT in terms of positive impact. Evolven is taking IT Operations Analytics further, pioneering this for the Change and Configuration space, a cornerstone of IT operations.

Your Turn
Are your tools ready to take on the complexity and dynamics of today's data center?

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