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ITIL’s Dead Elephant: CMDB Can't Be Done


ITIL’s Dead Elephant: CMDB Can't Be Done


Rob England, AKA The IT Skeptic, asks how will you populate the CMDB initially? The vendors' silver bullet solution is auto-discovery. It can find out something about many things, but not everything about ALL things. It won't help with disconnected devices, or financial information, or physical location. How will you keep it current and accurate? How will you know if an error is made or someone subverts the process?

He doesn't believe CMDB is going to make that much difference to ITIL processes, and won't be able to automate any but the most basic impact analysis. He concludes by saying that after all the time and money put into CMDB a human is still going to have to look at a proposed change and make a judgement call; operating on imperfect information. Perhaps that money would have been better spent on a few nicer reports and exploratory tools, and another change management person.

Source: http://www.itskeptic.org/itil-cmdb-skeptic


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