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Still Using Yesterday's Tools to Manage Your Data Center? [1 MIN VIDEO]


Still Using Yesterday's Tools to Manage Your Data Center? [1 MIN VIDEO]


Are you living in the incredible modern world, but using yesterday's technology?

We were really impressed with the creativity and humor in Toyota's presentation for Toyota Hybrid Range - Anachronism, that we wanted to pay tribute to this great ad. So we've presented again, only with ...just a few tweaks.

For today's data center, the cloud has eliminated numerous challenges in environment management, particularly in the area of deployment, making server space virtually unlimited.

With cloud computing, resource management is elastic, where computing resources are scaled up and scaled down automatically, to balance out loads or meet seasonal demand. The cloud automatically adds and removes machines available in the system, dynamically reconfiguring a Cloud. Virtual machines are spun off on one server or another, and even on different brands of hypervisors.

So in this advanced, modern world, you need to have monitoring tools that support the cloud's elasticity by automatically including and excluding new and dropped server instances from the monitoring scope. The new generation of tools that are monitoring these environments need to be able to connect the virtualized perspective with actual configuration of all the involved layers, and, in an automated fashion, be able to assure that the cloud management loop is closed.

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