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How Can We Reinvent the Data Center? [1 MIN VIDEO]


How Can We Reinvent the Data Center? [1 MIN VIDEO]

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to reinvent anything?

With the SuperBowl just around the corner, we've been really impressed with the creativity and humor that brands have brought to their halftime ads.

We were so particularly impressed with Toyota's presentation for Reinventing the Toyota Camry, that we wanted to pay tribute to this great ad. So we've presented, with ...just a few tweaks.

If there were an overriding need for IT Operations, it would be "to reinvent."

Confronted with both constant change and such disruptive technologies as cloud and virtualization, challenged by users more than willing to provision their own servers and applications, and at the mercy of their business's need for speed, IT Operations needs to reinvent long held paradigms.

Today's configuration management and change management tools, including CMDB and others, are too rigid and too effort intensive to handle the complexity and dynamics of the modern data center and cloud. They lack the intelligent analytics required to translate abundant detailed configuration data and frequent changes into critical decision-support information. 

This means IT Operations professionals need to rethink, and reinvent, how to approach configuration management for the modern data center and the cloud, to take on the complexity and dynamics driving organizations.

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