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Survey: 81% of IT Pros Expect IT Analytics to Finally Address IT’s Big Data Challenge


Survey: 81% of IT Pros Expect IT Analytics to Finally Address IT’s Big Data Challenge


81% of IT professionals surveyed expect IT analytics to finally address IT's big data challenge, according to the results of a recent survey compiled in the 2013 Change Management Report on IT Operations.

The global survey carried out by Evolven during a recent event conducted with Forrester Research reflects the enthusiasm by IT Infrastructure and Operations management professionals with the emergence of IT Analytics solutions and how it can successfully drive change and minimize risks from change. 

The surveyed audience included CIOs, IT Directors, Configuration Managers, Release Managers, System Operations Architects, and Change Managers from many Global 2000 organizations.

Definitive Survey Results

blog_survey_resultsThe survey results revealed that IT Operations performance in the context of changes faces a high rate of change failure, and risk from undesired changes:

  • 52% of the IT executives surveyed said that most of their incidents are caused by change.
  • 74% said that the current change and configuration management tools do not meet today's challenges.
  • 81% said that they believe analytics is the only solution for the prevailing IT Operations big data problem.

Constant Change in the  Data Center 

Evolven's CEO Sasha Gilenson commented on the results saying, "The  Change Management Report  on IT Operations offers a valuable insight to IT executives as to how similar organizations struggle as they face overwhelming amounts of change and configuration data. So it comes as no surprise that this many IT professionals see IT Analytics as such a promising solution, ready to succeed in taking on the challenge where traditional CCM tools have failed. This Change Management Report provides a snapshot of the state of IT Operations and where more concerted efforts are needed."

Today's Complex and Dynamic Environments

We can all agree that change is good, and when IT smoothly supports change then business can thrive. On the other hand, failure to successfully drive change or avoid risk from undesired changes will uncover the dark side of change: downtime, incidents and performance issues. Due to the increased complexity of IT environments and the high speed that is demanded for implementing change, today's IT faces a formidable endeavor to make change work.

IT Operations Analytics is Re-shaping IT Operations 

Keep up with today's data center's dynamic atmosphere that produces volumes of data (far more than was ever imaginable), IT Operations needs to get a handle on this data, critical to daily performance and operations. The volume, variety, velocity and complexity of this data makes this issue really a "big data" problem for IT operations, forcing many traditional approaches in IT to change, ushering in the new IT Operations Analytics solutions to take on this challenge. IT Operations Analytics is better equipped to manage this kind of big data challenge. So, it is no wonder that IT Operations Analytics is gaining momentum in the industry interest as well as expert attention.

IT Operations Analytics Is Redefining IT Operations in the Modern Data Center 

IT Operations Analytics combines complex-event processing, statistical pattern discovery, behavior learning engines, unstructured text file search, topology mapping and analysis, and multidimensional database analysis. IT Operations Analytics solutions, in the same spirit as business intelligence (BI), are penetrating IT operations. Gartner's recent Hype Cycle in IT Operations report, stated that "IT Operations Analytics will provide CIOs and senior IT operations managers radical benefits toward running their businesses more efficiently…"

Analysts such as Forrester and other industry experts are enthusiastic about the analytics technology. Vendors are also approaching company decision-makers to suggest they consider how to take advantage of their vast stores of data, and apply advanced analytics in the context of IT operations.

IT Operations Analytics can provide greater visibility into data center activities, sifting through all of the big data to find patterns, helping IT operations teams to proactively determine risks, impacts, or potential for outages that may come out of granular configuration changes.

Evolven's IT Operations Analytics provides intelligent answers to key IT operations challenges: how to accelerate incident resolution, how to avoid harmful and risky changes, and how to assess and optimize IT operations performance. 

IT Operations and Infrastructure teams use Evolven IT Operations Analytics to: 

  • Validate changes and application deployment to prevent downtime 
  • Investigate and carry out IT incident management to identify root-cause and cut mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) 
  • Monitor and detect IT configuration drift to prevent incidents 
  • Audit any changes made to improve processes and meet compliance requirements
Our customers, on average, report a 40% reduction in cost of downtime, 50% cut in mean-time-to-resolution, and a 35% drop in the number of incidents.

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