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The Change Management Database (CMDB) Only Works When it's Up to Date


The Change Management Database (CMDB) Only Works When it's Up to Date


The Change Management Database (CMDB) only works when it's up to dateTom Kearns explains that the entire idea of having a CMDB is to have a single, definitive resource for the configuration of all IT assets.

The concept is great but the unfortunate reality is that many times we don't have a single CMDB and it is not always up-to-date and accurate. He explores the concept of what happens if the CMDB is not accurate, saying that it could deliver information that would provide access to the wrong asset, dooming the problem to never being fixed. 

There are also a lot of changes happening that need be recorded in the CMDB and when changes occur, the CMDB is usually updated after-the-fact. That leaves an information accuracy gap that gets repeated over and over again.

Source: http://www.tditechnologies.com/the-change-management-database-cmdb-only-works-when-it%E2%80%99s-up-to-date-and-accurate


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