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The CMDB is Dead, Long Live the CMDB


The CMDB is Dead, Long Live the CMDB


Joe Heck considers that thing that has become labelled as a “CMDB”, saying that for himself it isn’t. It isn’t a configuration management database. He explains that for IT, it’s an inventory of assets – digital and physical. The fact with CMDB is that it has been useful to organizations that are over a certain scale; that is, small organizations do not need CMDB. 

Virtualization is pushing this all right over a critical tipping point. So he has declared that the “old” CMDB is dead. He pushes that the traditional CMDB must be replaced. While there are many ways to move IT infrastructure into the digital world, the aim is achieve financial and service efficiencies. 

He explains that the CMDB needs to show dependencies in an ever complex world, and it needs to help inform (especially in a larger organization), if there’s an issue with a service. If all this data and information has to be filled out manually, then all is lost.

Source: http://www.rhonabwy.com/wp/2010/07/18/the-cmdb-is-dead-long-live-the-cmdb/


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