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The Five-Percent Club


The Five-Percent Club


 Rob England, AKA The IT Skeptic, announces an exclusive new forum - the Five-Percent Club. These are the 5% of companies that actually succeeded in justifying and implementing CMDB. 

England explains that a CMDB should simply not be considered a given for everyone, and that it is wrong to look at any site without one as being deficient. He concludes that the CMDB is as much a techno-fantasy as a tool. It was a really nice idea but the costs outweigh the benefits for all, but the most complex environments. 

Rob agrees that plenty of configuration data exists already in all organisations. So what is really needed to deal with this is a process and a team that can understand, make sense and put to use that data in a way that can address real-time questions about service impact from incidents and changes. 

Source: http://www.itskeptic.org/five-percent-club


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