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The Value of CMDB Seldom Exceeds the Cost of Doing It


The Value of CMDB Seldom Exceeds the Cost of Doing It


Rob England, AKA The IT Skeptic, says CMDB can't be done. The cost of CMDB deployment and maintenance almost negates the real value of CMDB. CMDB is a complex undertaking, from its design to development, maintenance and updating its configuration capabilities.

Even if there are some benefits to consider, some of its features such as the reliability of relationship reporting and output are still questionable.

There are also the many costs involved, such as the initial data population (of those that cannot be auto-discovered), reconciliation, data audit, integration points and the ongoing costs in batch processing, hardware and data maintenance. He boils down the basic benefit of CMDB to the ability to link a change or incident in a CI to the associated service(s) in order to determine the impact. Just to get that sole benefit requires enormous costs that he provides in detail. 

Source: http://www.itskeptic.org/value-cmdb-seldom-exceeds-cost-doing-it


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