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Top 10 Reasons a CMDB Implementation Fails


Top 10 Reasons a CMDB Implementation Fails


Tobin Isenberg explores some of the common reasons that CMDB implementations fail. He looks at some of the leading issues including Lack of Management Buy-in, Garbage in, garbage out (and/or stale data), over designed/engineered schema. 

If the there is too much data, it makes it hard to find anything, when there is inaccurate data, no one will trust the CMDB. Often, CMDB solutions are cumbersome and implemented in a way that makes it hard for the CI's to be maintained. The Change Management team doesn't want to own the CI's (and can't/shouldn't), but the owners are not able to easily access the CMDB to maintain CI's themselves.

Source: http://www.businessservicemanagementhub.com/2011/01/18/top-10-reasons-a-cmdb-implementation-fails/


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