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Weekly IT Highlights on CIOs, Enterprise 2.0, Virtualization and trends for Cloud and More


Weekly IT Highlights on CIOs, Enterprise 2.0, Virtualization and trends for Cloud and More


As Friday comes around, we want to recap some of the best stuff we read this week on CIOs, Enterprise 2.0, virutalization and trends for cloud. Enjoy!


By Jon-Louis Heimerl

Analytics helps you to recognize the giant daisy that squirts water, and the huge green shoe sticking out of the trunk. You utilize analytics to assemble multiple clowns, and the car. Contextual information enabled you to start building, but it was analytics that actually let you make progress and eventually finish the puzzle. 

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Key Trends Driving Server Virtualization

By Paul Rudo

As servers become cheaper, larger, more plentiful, the only way to keep the datacenter organized while minimizing costs is to consolidate all of the servers to the fewest-possible physical devices.

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The future of your data: Cloud, Fog, and Flood

By CohesiveFT

People ask us frequently some version of the same question, Where do you see cloud computing in 10 years? Our short answer is the slightly cryptic, "Cloud, fog and flood: cloud to the ground, cache everywhere, my data everywhere always." 

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Virtualization And The Case For Universal Grid Architectures

By Mark Peters

Today, virtualization can make one system act like 10, but making 10 physical boxes look and act like one is far more valuable. And that is where we are heading. 

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POWER35 Insightful IT Bloggers

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

Check out our POWER35, a handpicked list of insighful bloggers focused on IT. These analysts, journalists, consultants, and industry leaders have a tremendous influence on specific IT segments and on IT in general. With their insights they help to shape the industry, identify trends, and can impact decisions.

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Staying Ahead Of The Next IT Nightmare

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

We saw recently an article describing how to take on better troubleshooting for downed systems. On the front lines of IT, chances are you've seen a mission-critical production system falls flat on its face, and have absolutely no idea why or how to begin to fix it, with end users demanding answers and pressure to get everything up and running.

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50 Shards Of ITIL – The Bane And Pain Of ITSM Tool Selection

By Stephen Mann

We need a completely different line of questioning that will hopefully elicit a completely different line of response from ITSM tool vendors. 

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5 Infographics On The Rise Of Enterprise 2.0

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

Enterprise 2.0 technologies promise to make an impact in this landscape, spurring efficiency, productivity and innovation by encouraging employees and other stakeholders to collaborate and share information, allowing business problems to be discussed more openly in the extended enterprise. These infographics show how Enterprise 2.0 will be transforming organizations.

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When CIOs find their inner Felix Baumgartner

By Michael Maoz

IT has been gutted of top-brain engineers, and first-class programmers have been reduced in number or gone to work for Google long ago. Why? Well, low pay, boring remits, lots of stress, lack of a compelling job path, and not enough reward for the challenges before them – few of which are exciting but many of which are difficult. Of course the top folks flee. 

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Infographic: Demand for IT networking professionals in US

By Toni Bowers

Here's an infographic that looks at what the future of tech holds in terms of in-demand skills. 

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5 signs you've been hit with an advanced persistent threat

By Roger A. Grimes

Do you have valuable data on your network? Noticing odd network behavior? You could be the victim of an APT attack 

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The importance of IT infrastructure management

By Stuart Corner

An institution's reputation depends on keeping its service up and running at the expected service level and to manage those services you must manage the devices that support those services: every device for every service for one reputation. 

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Data Centre Virtualisation and Private Clouds Top the List of IT Priorities For 2013

By Tecala

Cloud computing has quickly gained a strong foothold on the market, primarily due to cost benefits, business agility, efficiency and scalability. In 2012, seven in ten organisations conduct at least a portion of their computing in the cloud, while almost two in five say that one quarter of their overall computing is in the cloud. Almost four in five (78 per cent) executives see cloud deployment as an alternative for physical servers within their organisation. 

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Not Just VDI -- It's All About End-User Computing Now

By Elias Khnaser

Access to resources has also changed. We used to just load everything on the laptop, but now, end users want and need selective access to resources on their preferred device from anywhere at any time over any connection. 

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Application bloat survey: if you don't know the answer make something up

By Dan Kusnetzky

Survey silly season is well under way. Company after company is sending the results of surveys and hoping ZDnet will publicize the results. Unfortunately, these studies are often self serving, badly designed and produce results that are seldom representative. 

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Does IT Service Management Matter?

By Hani Elbeyali

IT service management and architecture frameworks are centered on improving some aspect of IT life cycle. The common themes of these mythologies are: reduce IT cost, align IT with business, and increase IT value for the organization. 

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Getting the most from IaaS

By Robert L. Scheier

Mix, match and burst. New infrastructure-as-a-service tools make it easier to shift among multiple private and public clouds. 

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5 key forces driving open source today

By Simon Phipps

From the rise of foundations to emerging revenue models, the open source movement is primed for even greater impact on tomorrow's technologies. 

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A midmarket CIO guide to the consumerization of information technology

SearchCIO MidMarket

CIOs are facing an onslaught of iPads, iPhones, Kindle Fires and Androids on their networks. It's time to get serious about the consumerization of information technology. 

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