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Weekly IT Highlights on Cloud, Big Data, Configuration Management and More


Weekly IT Highlights on Cloud, Big Data, Configuration Management and More


As Friday comes around, we want to recap some of the best stuff we read this week on Cloud, Big Data, DevOps, Configuration Management and trends in private cloud. Enjoy!

The Size, Impact and Significance of Big Data

There's a lot of discussions taking place around Big Data, so we've compiled some of the latest infographics that take a look at the size and impact of Big Data, and what is the significance of Big Data for companies 

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Breaking Out of the Box: Is the #Cloud Stuck in Silos?

By Eric Johnson

If cloud computing were being implemented in a manner that was not dependent upon silos, there would be no need for zones or infrastructure isolation. A cloud of unified compute and network resources enables dynamic selection or re-selection of elements from the pool of both compute and network resources. Failures of this kind are tacit admissions that compute and network elements are in still constrained in silos. 

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The Hybrid Cloud Is Unavoidable for Enterprises

By David A. Kelly

Now, it is important to find a way to ensure that both pieces, public and private, work together in a hybrid arrangement. It will do no good to have two separate silos of applications and data, one on the private cloud, and one on the public cloud. 

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Configuration Management Best (and Good) Practices

By E.R. Williams

Perform Configuration Management up front and throughout projects and programs (See book and articles to understand and apply Configuration Management 

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Public Cloud Execs Dish Out Top 10 Tips for Enterprises building Hybrid Clouds

By Paula Rooney

"Enterprise-class" or "cloud class?" Enterprises are now looking to public cloud providers to figure out how to build the best hybrid cloud. At InterOp recently, executives from Rackspace, Terremark and NetScout were happy to offer up a list of to-do's in this complicated process.

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Bridging the DevOps Divide by Automating the Handshake between Dev and Ops

By Jeanne Morain

It became apparent during many discussions that DevOps is the next logical step. Meaning, once the infrastructure is in place and automated – business will require IT to automate the rest of the process to reduce the overall time to value for the organization. Successfully automating the handshake between Dev and Ops will be a critical success factor in companies realizing the true value of cloud computing. 

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Does Private Cloud follow virtualisation?

By David Gordon

In the short term it is likely that private clouds will start by largely focussing on running virtual x86-server workloads. But an important question often asked is whether you need to, or even should strive to, complete virtualisation and consolidation activity before moving onto tackling private cloud implementation. 

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Cost Not the Main Driver for Cloud Adoption

By Kim Davis

Cost efficiency was cited by 33 percent of those surveyed as the No. 1 driver in their thinking about the cloud, but it's now been overtaken by increased mobility and flexiblity (39 percent). Central to this vision is the astounding growth in the number of mobile devices, the increased emphasis on mobile and remote working, and the seemingly unstoppable drift to BYOD. 

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10 Insights On IT Leveraging Innovation

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

There has been more focus on how to manage current resources at lower costs. The companies that focus on how to really leverage IT innovation and deliver better processes will realize real sustainable competitive business advantages. See how experts at Gartner, Forrester, Ovum, ComputerWorld, CIO.com and more share how they see IT leveraging innovation and adding more value to their organization. 

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Consider Cloud Computing Services Before Your Users Do

By Joe Onisick

The bigger picture is getting users to switch over, and retrieving that data once you do implement an alternative. Every day that goes by that users are on an unsanctioned IT service makes it harder to go back. You can't close Pandora's box once it's opened. 

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5 IT Budget Presentation Do's And Don'ts

By Cindy Waxer

Making a case for an IT investment requires more, however, than piling on obscure acronyms and technical bells and whistles in presentations to corporate bean counters. 

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IT should forget development, focus on requirements and release management

By Thor Olavsrud

The survey findings strongly suggest that IT organizations can "forget" about core development processes, and instead, spend more time focusing on the "bookends" of ALM-requirements management and release management

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10 Big Data Infographics Showing a Growing Trend

Even with today's technology, many IT organizations still face database, hardware, and software downtime, lasting anywhere from short periods to shutting down the business for days. 

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A New Dawn for Cloud Computing

By Eric Knorr

With HP and Microsoft poised to sell cloud computing by the pound, competition to lock in both public and private cloud customers begins in earnest 

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Rethinking IT for the Cloud Era

By Arthur Cole

As cloud resources become more ubiquitous, their management will become less important to overall data performance, according to Network Computing's Mary Shackett. This means enterprises will have to adopt a more service-oriented approach to management, in which applications that are found to be lacking will simply be reprovisioned in some other way until expectations are met. This is a dramatically different mindset for today's IT departments and will likely require new skill sets that focus more on people (gasp!) rather than technology. 

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5 Infographics on Growth of the Consumerization of IT

Today's IT pros are facing a proliferation of personal devices and services. These infographics show how the consumerization of IT is transforming the business IT landscape in many important ways. 

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Will the DevOps movement simplify network automation

By Lisa Sampson

The DevOps movement can be a new wave in system administration. Five years from now, new systems administrators will be programming APIs to replace the old school tasks of managing physical infrastructure. 

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