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Weekly IT Highlights on Cloud, Big Data, Social Media and More


Weekly IT Highlights on Cloud, Big Data, Social Media and More


As Friday comes around, we want to recap some of the best stuff we read this week on Cloud, Big Data, Social Media, and trends in private cloud. Enjoy!

Automated infrastructure management reduces costs and improves availability

By Scott Lowe

Today's CIOs and executive teams are demanding that IT organizations become more nimble and focus less on routine operational activities and more on business ones. Now, administrators can focus on improving their services and routine administration and not have to spend as much time on one-off or anomalous work. Those tasks have been offloaded to the vendor's automated systems. Although a server failure will still require intervention by an IT staff member, that staff person doesn't need to spend hours on data gathering and can focus instead on service restoration. When you consider the cost of downtime, this is a good thing. 

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Hybrid Cloud: Harsh Reality and New Challenges

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

Hybrid cloud can address the issues of integrating public clouds, legacy IT and private clouds together. This mix offers IT operations the benefits of self-serve provisioning and consumption-based optimization. Yet just as hybrid cloud combines the best features of varying platforms, it also introduces more complexity and less visibility, requiring dedicated tools for managing the hybrid operating environment.

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10 Key Issues On Social Media And IT

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

While IT literally underpins the entire social media revolution, IT managers are just beginning to understand to use social media for improving IT service and support, see how experts at Gartner, Forrester, Ovum, InformationWeek, CIO.com and more share how they see where IT is in relation to social media and how this relationship should develop.

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The 10 traits of the smart cloud

By Thoran Rodrigues

The Smart Cloud is a framework of the necessary traits or characteristics that any cloud offering (regardless of it being IaaS, PaaS or SaaS) should have in order to fully answer the needs of business users everywhere.

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How to Address Cloud Application Lifecycle Challenges

By Bernard Golden

Taking an agile approach to the application lifecycle in a hybrid cloud environment means moving beyond the one-and-done method of V2C conversions and embracing DevOps. Getting development and operations to collaborate means linking resource, configuration, and cloud management.

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Five Things CIO's Should Know About Big Data

By Joab Jackson

Big data could be your server's log files, for instance. A server keeps track of everyone who checks into a site, and what pages they visit when they are there. Tracking this data can offer insights into what your customers are looking for. While log data analysis is nothing new, it can be done don to dizzying new levels of granularity

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How organisations are ready to embrace private cloud

By Maxwell Cooter

That too many people private cloud is synonymous with virtualisation: it was clear that most of the delegates were not buying into this simple definition and were fully aware of the differentiators: automation, self-provision, usage-based charging etc.

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6 Common Desktop Virtualization Mistakes

By Paul McDougall

Desktop virtualization is in its infancy and many of the kinks have yet to be worked out. As a result, there are a number of potential pitfalls.

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Is a unified datacenter virtualization model practical?

By David Chernicoff

As vendors adopt standardized virtualization models for specific devices, you would think that eventually you would be able to plug and play any device. But the nature of innovation is that if you commoditize everything; making the hardware completely commoditized, with the virtualization layer and management being the focus of your interest, you also stifle innovation on the hardware side. 

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Exposing 6 Myths about the Consumerization of IT

The ongoing coverage of the IT consumerization trend and how its impacting the enterprise is everywhere. This creates a lot of misconceptions out there about the consumerization of IT. Here are the top six myths that are exposed in the survey from Avanade. 

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Semantics matter: the troubled world of IT terminology

By Charles Betz

One of the often-cited benefits of the IT Infrastructure Library is that it is helping to standardize IT terminology and practice. And perhaps it is on some fronts. Comprehensive, authoritative research on that question is lacking, as far as I can tell. But I have some data that indicate considerable differences in how people define a number of widely used IT management terms. 

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Did Yahoo sow the seeds of its own demise with Hadoop?

By Derrick Harris

While Hadoop might have given Yahoo a competitive advantage early on by letting it better analyze user behavior, it also leveled the playing field over time. 

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Third-Party Clouds Can't Be Trusted, Users Say

By Mary Jander

Even though private clouds are gathering steam, services based entirely on third-party hosting are still off the menu for many enterprises, which just don't have confidence in leaving their precious data on someone else's remote servers. 

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Companies Around the World Turn to the Cloud for Savings

By Dennis McCafferty

Customers are turning to cloud solutions – public, private or hybrid – to increase stability and agility, while reining in costs. Businesses see the cloud model as a good response to business and market demands. 

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5 Key Interop 2012 Takeaways for CIOs and Other IT Pros

By Jeff Vance

Cloud infrastructure is becoming a commodity, but new services will help providers protect their profits.

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Survey: 70 Percent of Organizations Have Big Plans for Big Data

By Pedro Hernandez

A new study from data integration software specialist Informatica reveals that 70 percent of organizations are currently considering, planning, testing or running Big Data projects. Among those, 20 percent are already operating Big Data projects, 13 percent are currently in testing and 22 percent are in the planning stages. 

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Agile Adoption Is A Trip Down The Cone Of Uncertainty

By Tom Grant

Agile is itself an exploration into the unknown, in which teams must self-organize, select the the order in which to adopt Agile practices, decide on how quickly to adopt these practices, and even strike a Faustian bargain with Waterfall where necessary. Agile, therefore, is the passage through a cone of uncertainty, with a big range of choices and challenges at the beginning, shrinking in size as the team learns and adapts. 

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Is IT & the CIO set up for failure?

By Eric D. Brown

The future CIO (and IT) must step away from a good portion of IT operations and put more focus on the 'strategic' activities. 

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Cloud Computing Key to Fighting Data Loss

By Nathan Eddy

Disaster recovery incidents are a significant problem for Northern American organizations; every single one surveyed admitted to data or application loss over the previous year. 

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To Be Private Cloud, Or Be Public Cloud: Is That Really The Question?

By James Staten

Over the past several years the business has been bypassing the IT leadership and bringing cloud services into the company. 

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Can IT Be Trusted With Personal Devices?

By Art Wittmann

While technology can play a part in protecting the company while letting employees use their own devices for business purposes, most IT teams are creating an insane set of rules for no apparent reason. 

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One CIO's Tao of IT

By Gary Kern

Juggling vendors, staff in multiple locations, maintenance vs. development tasks, and a broad range of technology and business needs all presented challenges. At that point, I began writing down and sharing the rules on how I'd like to operate.

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10 Big Data Infographics Showing a Growing Trend

Even with today's technology, many IT organizations still face database, hardware, and software downtime, lasting anywhere from short periods to shutting down the business for days. 

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Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds Will All Need an IT Service Culture

By Mary Shacklett

There has also been a notable shift toward private clouds. During the past two years, companies have become comfortable with cloud solutions and what they can deliver--but there have been few improvements to eliminate security concerns surrounding public cloud providers. 

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As data demands speed up, information management tools pave road ahead

By Nicole Laskowski

As businesses juggle different types of data coming from multiple sources at a faster rate. But organizations that undertake new information management initiatives will be able to codify and organize their data environments, all while building trust that the data is dependable. 

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3 steps for federal CIOs toward greater IT success

By Camille Tuutti

As federal CIOs adopt business-ready technology like BPM, business process stakeholders will become less dependent on IT to design and configure processes to create new applications 

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Cloud Migration – The Pain And The Opportunity

By Ben Kepes

We need to look at the issues in their entirety and help organizations embark on a well thought out process as they move to the cloud. It's one area that I'm noticing developing at the moment as more and more third party cloud providers get founded that have an ethos of truly partnering with their clients and helping them plan a gradual process of migration. 

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