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Weekly IT Highlights on Cloud, DevOps, Big Data and More


Weekly IT Highlights on Cloud, DevOps, Big Data and More


FridayAs Friday comes around, we want to recap some of the best stuff we read this week on IT Operations, Cloud Computing, IT Analytics, DevOps and IT Management. Enjoy!

3 Truths About Cloud Software SLAs

By Beth Stackpole

Unlike the rigorous SLAs of traditional enterprise IT services, today's cloud software SLAs don't offer much room for customization and tend to cover only the basics.

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IaaS making slow headway

By Christine Burns (Network World)

When it comes to Infrastructure as a Service - renting on-demand compute, storage and network resources that live in a multitenant virtualized public cloud - midsized businesses are jumping in with both feet. The overall usage of public cloud IaaS is certainly on the rise, according to industry analysts. But many large enterprises are moving at a very deliberate pace, one workload at a time.

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OneOps, TwoOps … Exploring Cloud ops

By James Urquhart

As the nature of IT operations shifts to meet new demands enabled by cloud computing, recent discussions about new operations methods have focused on these changes. The most common terms in these discussions include DevOps and it's controversial sibling, NoOps. Here is a walk through of these key new operations concepts being adopted by the most cloud-savvy organizations. This article tries to help you look past the label and see the incredible value the new models of development and operations bring to businesses and institutions of all sizes.

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Ecosystems in conflict – Amazon vs. VMware, and OpenStack

By Lydia Leong, Research VP at Gartner

There are two primary ecosystems developing in the world: VMware and Amazon. Other possibilities, like Microsoft and OpenStack, are completely secondary to those two. You can think of VMware as "cloud-out" and Amazon as "cloud-in" approaches.

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Can Your Cloud Impede Your Agility?

By Bernd Harzog (Virtualization Practice)

Cloud services are for the most part extremely attractive because they let the provider (vendor) of the cloud service focus upon what they do best, and let you focus upon what you do best. Two very well known issues with cloud services have to do with the security of your data and the performance management of systems in the case where it is your applications running on the cloud vendor's infrastructure. This article is about the Cloud Services Management Challenge.

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10 Predictions From Experts On Big Data that Will Impact Business In 2012

Businesses will be increasingly challenged for how to access, transform, and integrate unstructured data - Big Data - from a variety of sources and convert this data into actionable information for competitive advantage. Here are 10 Big Data predictions from experts at Forrester, Gartner, Ovum, O'Reilly, and more on how the Big Data realm will develop and impact business.

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Cloud Computing: Bigger and Better -- But Still Flawed

By Robert McGarvey

What's more real, cloud computing or unicorns? Given the hype surrounding the cloud, perhaps unicorns are a less fanciful notion.

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10 most powerful IaaS companies

By Christine Burns, Network World

A list assembled with help from analysts at Cloud Technology Partners, Current Analysis, Enterprise Strategy Group, Gartner, IDC and Neovise who watch the public cloud Infrastructure as a Service scene very closely.

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Events For IT Pros

As IT trends like Big Data, Cloud, and DevOps take shape, this year's many IT industry events are the focus for the latest developments and insights in these areas. While this list isn't exhaustive, check out the events that will make a difference for the world of IT. 

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