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Weekly IT Highlights on Cloud Forecast, Security, Shadow IT, and More


Weekly IT Highlights on Cloud Forecast, Security, Shadow IT, and More


As Friday comes around, we want to recap some of the best stuff we read this week on Cloud Forecast, Security, Shadow IT, and trends in hybrid cloud. Enjoy!

45% of Networks Will be Obsolete in Next 5 Years

By Saroj Kar

There was a significant change in the product development geared to development-oriented architecture to ensure support for the major trends in cloud computing technology such as virtualization, video and mobility business. 

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Gartner: The cloud is putting a crimp in traditional software, hardware sales

By Brandon Butler

In Gartner's latest quarterly IT spending report, the research firm for the first time broke out cloud computing as a separate forecast category, providing an in-depth analysis of current and future cloud spending trends. The hottest growth in the cloud market in the coming year will be in infrastructure as a service. 

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Cooperation of Services Key to Personal Cloud's Promise

By Jon Udell

Like other infrastructures on which civilization depends, our data networks shield us from vast complexity while delivering services that we take for granted — except when they sometimes fail. 

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Cloud Providers: The Case for Universal Standards

By Charles Weaver

Understanding the cloud provider's underlying capabilities, resources, security processes and safeguards, as well as the provider's overall financial health will be very important for organizations who want to safely and successfully utilize cloud computing. 

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6 Infographics Illuminating the Big Data Phenomena

By Sasha Gilenson

EvolvenIs Big Data still a big mystery to you? IT leaders are rethinking many aspects of how they manage and deliver information, so they can deliver more of it, faster. Check out these infographics on Big Data to see the impact. Check out these infographics on Big Data.

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4 New Development Approaches that Cloud Makes Possible

By Sasha Gilenson

EvolvenCloud has provided development the tools and capabilities to meet today's intense business demands, however it also calls for a new generation of tools to manage the cloud's unique dynamic qualities. 

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The Cloud Services Checklist: Automation, Service and Education

By Mary Shacklett

Cloud services also require the ability to quickly deploy applications. But often the only way to get there is by rattling the cages of staff and upsetting manual "best practices" for deployment that have been fine-tuned and diligently followed for years. 

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10 points on Cloud Security from the experts

By Sasha Gilenson

EvolvenSecurity in the cloud continues to remain a global challenge, particularly as more and more critical functions are migrated. So what can be done? See how experts at Forrster, Gartner, Ovum, ComputerWorld and more share their outlook for how IT should address security in the cloud for the enterprise.

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Think through your cloud plans -- or else

By David Linthicum

The fact of the matter is that there are two worlds. One involves the hype and good feelings about next-gen IT, such as cloud computing, that tells us the technology itself will save us from the mistakes of the past. Then there's the world of planning, architecture, and design that makes the technology actually useful -- despite IT's aversion to this crucial stage. 

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The Cloud's Enemy No. 1: Squirrels?!

By Mike Barton

Squirrels may just be enemy No. 1 in the data center, accounting for "an astounding 17 percent of all of their cable damage last year. 

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Pros and cons of consolidating data into one cloud

By Sue Poremba

This proliferation of the cloud has also meant the availability of free or inexpensive cloud storage options –- a boon for small companies working with a tight IT budget. However, it may also mean utilizing a variety of services, spreading data between a number of providers with different options and different terms of services. 

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Where cloud computing takes us: Hybrid services delivery of essential information across all types of applications

By Dana Gardner

Hybrid computing typically is combining private and public clouds. We feel that many of our customers still have a traditional environment, and that traditional environment will not go away anytime soon. However, they're actually looking at combining that traditional environment, the data that's in that traditional environment and some of the functionality that's out there, with the public cloud and the private cloud. 

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The Rise Of Shadow IT

By Alistair Croll

Today, however, industry after industry is being disrupted by startups that see these once-daunting barriers to entry as crumbling castle walls. The line of business wants to innovate, and central IT is facing an internal revolt: Shadow IT. We can track the rise of shadow IT to three things: the personal computer; data carriers; and software-as-a-service. 

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How to Make Private Cloud Initiatives Matter to Your CEO

By Jason Cowie

To C-level leaders, the CIO's ability to explain concrete return on investment and demonstrated value makes all the difference between embracing cloud computing or abandoning cloud initiatives that could have been hugely beneficial. So how can CIOs present the business-friendly benefits of the private cloud to their bosses? 

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Too Much! Gartner Overoptimistic on Cloud Spending

By Mary Jander

I'm not saying that public clouds aren't on the boil. I believe they are. But I issue the following challenge: Find me an enterprise that's using an entirely public cloud for more than one of its mission-critical enterprise apps, and I'll eat my hat.

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Are you opportunistic or strategic with your cloud investments?

By James Staten

Where should you start? I recommend assessing your maturity first and foremost so you can determine what's realistic as a plan for 2013.

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Common mistakes in cloud application deployment

By Bill Claybrook

Cloud vendor selection usually implies an infrastructure and ecosystem that can have a large effect on the deployment of apps in a cloud. Proper selection of vendor(s) and virtualization software, such as hypervisors, involves understanding how an app fits into the big picture of cloud computing, and determines, to a great extent, whether or not you can move apps between private and public clouds to take advantage of the hybrid cloud model. 

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Private cloud forecast

By Tony Lock

With many organisations now looking to virtualise other parts of the IT infrastructure, most notably storage and networking estates, to garner similar cost savings from better resource utilisation, the challenge for CIOs is increasingly shifting to how to get these other elements of the infrastructure managed effectively. 

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Seven Habits of DevOps


Managing mission-critical apps isn't easy. There is a lot of pressure to "keep the trains running on time" in an environment where change is a given. Thus, it can be very easy to spend your day on what's "urgent" or "hot" instead of what's most "important". 

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