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Weekly IT Highlights on Cloud Migration, Cloud Myths, Multi-Cloud and More


Weekly IT Highlights on Cloud Migration, Cloud Myths, Multi-Cloud and More


As Friday comes around, we want to recap some of the best stuff we read this week on Cloud Migration, Cloud Myths, Multi-Cloud, and trends in private cloud. Enjoy!

How to Plan Your Cloud Migration

By Dan Woods

Enterprises need to seek a mechanism that will help them get a consistent view of how their cloud-based assets are performing. IT must expect that processes will change. Many processes today are built around the layout of the data center. The cloud changes those dimensions significantly. 

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Cloud is a state of the business, not just IT

By Mark Thiele

The introduction of cloud without organizational improvements would likely increase enterprise risk and potentially cost. The real opportunity of a cloud operating model comes from the alignment of technical solutions, people, and process.

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Mobile Devices Bring Cloud Storage -- and Security Risks -- to Work

By Lucas Mearian

The risks associated with BYOD and cloud storage services highlight a problem IT shops now face: The potential loss of corporate data to an insecure public cloud. 

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The Midmarket's Cloud Appetite Is Unsated

By Kim Davis

The convergence of mobile and social trends makes an enterprise space with no reliance on the cloud almost unthinkable. It's another matter, of course, to migrate key infrastructure to cloud platforms, and it's reasonable to argue that this is happening more slowly than some had predicted. 

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4 Software Development Approaches Driven by the Cloud and Their Complications

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

Survival of today's organizations now depends significantly on business agility, demanding quicker application rollouts. This is well supported by the elasticity of cloud platforms and automatic provisioning methods, yet the dynamics of the cloud create further obstacles.

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Think you know your cloud instances? Think again! Inside Amazon's AMI Black Box

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

Growing amount of information generated by cloud operations makes it impossible to manage IT environments without intelligent automated analytics. 

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More Than 50 Percent of Businesses Choose Private Cloud, Survey Says

By APM Digest

In terms of their 2012 investments to grow cloud revenue, 55 percent of the respondents indicated they intend to increase their marketing activities, while 46 percent planned to create new cloud services to expand their existing offerings. 

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10 Persistent Myths On Cloud

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

The cloud may provide a dynamic and flexible infrastructure, but many are still reluctant to engage this new species. Many myths persist around the nature of the cloud. See how experts at Forrester, InfoWorld, TechRepublic, and more sharing some of the most hard to put down myths, and what's really happening.

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Private Cloud Considerations

By Balaji Viswanathan

While the attractions are obvious, it must be noted that private cloud implementations can significantly differ from those of public clouds. 

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How 'systems thinking' is making the cloud transparent

By James Urquhart

Understanding the boundaries of operations — monitoring, compliance, decision making, liability and so on in cloud-based applications — is not so straightforward. 

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Data sovereignty issues still weigh on cloud adoption

By Barb Darrow

Multiple regulations governing where a company can store customer data means that multinationals have to field data centers in every country where they have a presence — a trend that flies in the face of the appeal of borderless clouds. 

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Managing a Private Cloud on Converged Infrastructure

By Bernd Harzog

One of the significant benefits of converged infrastructures is that making configuration changes to the compute, memory, network and storage subsystems can be much simpler on converged infrastructure than with a hardware layer constructed of servers from one vendor, physical networks from a second vendor, storage networks from a third vendor, and storage from a fourth vendor. 

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Hybrid models driving business cloud strategies, report says

By Rachel King

This presents a huge opportunity for cloud solutions providers. What remains to be seen is who will jump on this trend quickly enough. 

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The Paradoxical Role Of IT In Technology and Business

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

As technology becomes easier to use, it becomes more complex internally. That means IT is less necessary in some ways and more essential in others.

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Microsoft's Strategy In The Private-Cloud Computing World

By Haris Smith

The thing which makes Microsoft different from other private-cloud service providers is that they have come up with a fourfold strategy that easily surpasses any other competitor in the market.

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The Five Big Myths of Cloud Computing

By Thoran Rodrigues

I haven't heard of a single service provider out there that has actually been able to deliver on this 100% uptime promise for all customers, so this is simply a misleading promise that may make newcomers feel more at ease than they should. As I've said before, your cloud servers will eventually suffer downtime, and you better be ready for it. 

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Companies Choosing Multi-Cloud Approach, Survey Says

APM Digest

Cloud infrastructure now dominates as the architecture for 'the new IT' – and companies big and small enjoy an unprecedented variety of options for deploying the best cloud solution to meet their business needs 

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SalesForce: concept of private cloud is fundamentally flawed.

By Sophie Curtis

We have learnt how to value product and customer over 600 years, but we have very little knowledge about how to value a relationship or how to value a capability, which is why we're really ill-equipped to deal with the changing world in this paradigm of the information age. 

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Four Reasons Private Cloud Adoption Initiatives Fail

By Ericka Chickowski

If a cloud is set up without the right objectives or without the right configurations and all of the pieces that go behind that, then bad things happen and people are disappointed. 

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Increasingly, Clouds Are Built the Open Source Way

By Joe McKendrick

Many companies seem to be moving to open source cloud solutions for their private clouds. The question is then, will we see a market battle royale between open source cloud providers as well as commercial vendors? 

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