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Weekly IT Highlights on DevOps, the Data Center, IT Operations Analytics and trends for Cloud and More


Weekly IT Highlights on DevOps, the Data Center, IT Operations Analytics and trends for Cloud and More


As Friday comes around, we want to recap some of the best stuff we read this week on DevOps, the Data Center, IT Operations Analytics and trends for cloud. Enjoy!

Devops, complexity and anti-fragility in IT: An introduction

By James Urquhart

Reconciling the two views of the world means exploring three core concepts required to understand why a new IT model is emerging, but not necessarily replacing everything about the old model. Read More

Cloud standards and the battle for control

By Lauren Horwitz

As cloud computing lurches toward greater maturity, issues such as common standards and interoperability remain hurdles -- even for users encouraged by the cloud's promise of better infrastructure management and reduced costs. 
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Gartner Says IT Operations Analytics Helps Reduce The Occurrence Of Incidents

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

A recent Gartner report addresses the sudden and significant increased demand for IT Operations Analytics systems sparked by the operational data explosion. The report stresses that the enhanced model discovery and root cause discovery capabilities of IT Operations analytics can significantly reduce the number of extremely lengthy root cause discovery processes.
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IT Operations Analytics [eBook]

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

Recently we released a new, free publication 'IT Operations Analytics', an eBook that lets you see how to get actionable insights for addressing practical day-to-day operations questions.
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Will 2013 be a better year for the tech department? CIOs think so

By Steve Ranger

After yet another tough year for the IT departments with budgets slashed, 2013 might prove to be a more enjoyable year for tech workers as spending edges up and organisations start to invest in new projects again. 
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How streamlined IT service operations are doing more with less

By Alex Barrett

The IT ops teams of today are flexible and efficient, using technology and management to run their businesses. What's their secret? 
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What will the next big data center transformation look like?

By Stephen J. Bigelow

It's more science and less fiction: the next big data center transformation will see adoption and refinement of many of the technologies that have already demonstrated value in the enterprise. 
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What to expect in the world of IT in 2013

By Network World Staff

The economic recovery is moving at an unsteady pace, but the emphasis on cost-cutting that dominated IT agendas in recent years is sharing the spotlight with a more interesting imperative: innovation. 
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Tackling cloud concerns from the front lines

By Steve Gunderson

Data scientists are changing the way decisions happen by making better use of big data. Rather than finding ways around them, we need to make data science more accessible as a profession and need to provide easier tools for data scientists. 
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The Essence Of Agile Testing: Make Testing Part Of Your SDLC (And Much More)

By Diego Lo Giudice

But the real important findings are that companies interviewed for this research went through some dramatic changes in the way they do testing. They claim that, to be successful with Agile, you must fully integrate testing practices into your development life cycle, increase automation, and change testers' and leaders' missions and day-to-day jobs to bring them closer to the needs of the Agile projects. There will also be change for development and developers. 
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IT pros reveal the best career advice they ever received

By Mary Brandel

In today's culture, advice on nearly any topic - relationships, health, career - is just a mouse click, touchscreen tap or Siri query away. There's even a Web site called that promises to help you make decisions in your daily life. But while you can get some good insights on the many expert and general discussion forums that pop up on the Web, there's often a sense that something is missing from that experience. Call it the human touch. 
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Top 10 Mistakes CIOs Make

By Talha Khalid

IT should not get in the way of business. IT is a facilitator, or, at best, an enabler. People love Apple products because they make them feel smart by not getting in their way. IT should be seamless and transparent, helping business achieve their goals. 
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