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Weekly IT Highlights on IT budgets, downtime, Shadow IT and trends for cloud and More


Weekly IT Highlights on IT budgets, downtime, Shadow IT and trends for cloud and More


As Friday comes around, we want to recap some of the best stuff we read this week on IT budgets, downtime, Shadow IT and trends for cloud. Enjoy!

6 IT Trends Tight Budgets Won't Kill

By Andrew Horne

The 2013 projected budget increase reflects higher operational expenditures only--capital expenditures are projected to be flat, limiting the opportunity CIOs have for continued innovation. Room for maneuvering will be further limited by that old bugbear, maintenance spending. Spending on IT maintenance and mandatory changes for legal and compliance reasons will remain stubbornly high, at 67% of total IT spending. 
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45 years of creative evolution in the IT industry and beyond

By Michael Fitzgerald

Technologies are created to improve life. Corporations use technologies to become more efficient and improve their ability to give customers what they want. Some corporations -- those with foresight and flexibility -- use it to create entirely new ways of doing things. 
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IT Investment, Emerging Markets Key to Business Growth

By Nathan Eddy

When it comes to technology, becoming more efficient and using IT more effectively over the next year is among the top three priorities of those surveyed. 
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IT management decisions in the age of the cloud

By GigaOM

Instead of racking and stacking services, IT managers running cloud environments spend more time evaluating workloads for their architectural, performance and compliance requirements and mapping those against the available cloud services. 
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5 Shocking IT Downtime and Outages Infographics

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

Despite today's technology, many IT organizations still face downtime in their data centers, that can last anywhere from short periods to shutting down the business.
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10 Mind Blowing Views From The Experts On How Cloud Will Impact IT Departments

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

Are IT organizations becoming relics? See experts at Forrester, TechRepublic,, and InformationWeek, and more as they share their insights into how the IT department stands to change.
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Outage Prevention: Taking Humans Out Of The IT Equation

By Jonathan Crane

Mistakes are inevitable when humans manage important IT processes and systems, and therefore human error is present in almost every aspect of IT. But the rate of human errors appears to be rising beyond an acceptable rate. 
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Evolven joins McAfee Security Innovation Alliance

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

Evolven's Breakthrough Change and Configuration Analytics Solution to Integrate With McAfee's Industry Leading Risk and Compliance Products
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Taking Shadow IT Out of the Shadows

By Harwell Thrasher

Business executives who make their own IT decisions optimize those decisions around their perception of their own short-term needs, and they underestimate the interdependency that their systems have with other corporate systems. 
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Why risk management can succeed in IT

By Steve Schlarman

IT security doesn't have the number-crunching abilities of financial risk modeling or broad history of market data to throw into Monte Carlo simulations. Other risk disciplines have data that over the years has led to refined mathematical, quantitative methods. Will IT security ever get there? We seem to be making significant progress. 
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Mergers and Acquisitions - A Bumpy Road for IT Operations

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

While organizations usually stand to benefit from mergers and acquisitions, IT departments face formidable challenges in trying to integrate the individual companies to make them a cohesive and consolidated entity.
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Amazon cloud outage takes down Reddit, Airbnb, Flipboard, Coursera, & more

By Sean Ludwig

Amazon's EC2 cloud infrastructure has once again had an outage that has partially taken down web services including Reddit, Airbnb, Flipboard, GetGlue, Coursera, and more. 
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Favorite IT Advertisements Through the Years

By Sharon Machlis

Elvira hawking development software, a computer with "briefcase portability," the cure for COBOLitis... Here are 10 of the most entertaining IT ads from the past 45 years. 
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Don't just blame the cloud for the Amazon Web Services outage

By Ted Samson

Sure, cloud computing can bring new complexities and, thanks to its porous nature, new vulnerabilities to an IT environment. Then again, the same could be said when laptop computers, mobile devices, and network-connected remote offices came along. Heck, even the Internet itself is a huge security threat. 
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Gartner: IT's Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2013

By Michael J. Miller

Many of these issues have moved a bit slower than he would have expected, such as enterprise app stores. Many companies have looked at big data, but haven't really embraced the concept. 
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30 Insanely Popular LinkedIn Groups On Cloud Computing

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

LinkedIn groups are one of the prime social media venues for IT professionals from a variety of industries. Here is our handpicked list of 'IT Operations – focused' groups, based on their relevancy to IT Operations and that they have large amounts of followers.
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Gartner: CIOs Begin 3-Year Shift In Responsibilities

By Eric Lundquist

Technology, not IT! This is a critical difference IT solutions like ERP, CRM and the like automate the enterprise with a focus on consolidation and cost. Technologies such as mobile, social, big data and cloud are fundamentally different than IT. These technologies amplify performance and strategy. 
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Will CMOs Outspend CIOs? Wrong Question

By Chris Murphy

The reason "CMO will outspend CIO" strikes a chord is because 1) it rings true about rising marketing tech spending, and 2) many CIOs know they don't have a good relationship with the CMO. 
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Business Users Satisfied With IT? Think Again

By Art Wittmann

Most business pros are not particularly thrilled with how IT delivers on projects. In fact, just 18% say they're very or completely satisfied with quality, timeliness, and cost. What's worse is that IT pros think that number is much higher--29% believe business colleagues are very or completely satisfied. 
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Radical change or incremental steps? Digital disruption is both

By Karen Goulart

It is, in fact, going to take a lot of effort because it's a change in the business process as well; it's not only changing the technology
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