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Weekly IT Highlights on PaaS, DevOps, CIOs, trends for private cloud and More


Weekly IT Highlights on PaaS, DevOps, CIOs, trends for private cloud and More


As Friday comes around, we want to recap some of the best stuff we read this week on PaaS, DevOps, CIOs and trends for private cloud. Enjoy!

A CFO's five-point cloud deployment checklist

By Dan Sullivan

Executives may be confident that their IT staff has done technical due diligence in assessing cloud providers, implementation options and technical choices for the organization, but what about nontechnical considerations? While cost advantages of cloud computing may appeal to executives, nontechnical issues can influence the bottom line for delivering business services. 

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Chief Digital Officer – From "Oh, No" to "Of Course"

By Dave Aron

What is a Chief Digital Officer? If we split a company into back office (running the internal operations), front office (the customer experience) and head office (deciding what businesses we are in, and our strategic posture to win in those businesses) – the CIO role has been traditionally about the digital back office (automating and informating internal processes). The CDO role fills the gap – digital front office and digital head office. 

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8 real-world big data deployments

By Thor Olavsrud

The amount of data in the world is increasing dramatically; it doubles every 18 months. There's much discussion of big data, both in terms of the problems it causes and the potential utility it represents. But some people are doing more than talking. 

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What does the future hold for the CIO?

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

There are many technological, economic, societal and political factors shaping the CIO role. On the one side there are concerns in CIO circles that this role may be made redundant or that the CIO will be the common thread that binds the different pieces of the organization together. See experts at Gartner, ITPro, InformationWeek, and ComputerWorld, and more as they share their insights into how the CIO will evolve.

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IT Operations in Mergers & Acquisitions eBook

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

Recently we released a new, free publication 'IT Operations in Mergers & Acquisitions', an eBook that lets you see how IT Operations can best weather a merger.

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Data Protection for Free: What are the Limits

By Texiwill

When looking at data protection tools for the virtual or cloud environment, it is best to test before you buy, testing becomes invaluable to determine if these tools fit within your virtual environment. 

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Private cloud - The first private cloud decision you got to make Cloud

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

It's critical for organizations to look beyond and not just get caught up in the hype of private cloud, but make informed decisions so that private cloud solutions that are deployed will be suitable for your business's situations.

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Platform-As-A-Service - Cloud Providers' Silver Bullet?

By Stefan Ried

While the lines between IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS are blurring in the minds of some end users and developers, delivering PaaS requires a lot more intellectual property on the part of the cloud provider. IaaS is "just" the offering of an industrialized infrastructure service — but full PaaS service turns the cloud provider basically into a real software vendor or VAR of a decent stack of software platform components. 

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Public vs. Private Cloud: Best of Both Worlds a Reality?

By Frank-Robert Kline

Use of public clouds is frequently prohibited in highly-regulated industries, enterprises with conservative views and requirements on proprietary data control, and internationally where data is forbidden to be hosted within U.S. borders. Uncertainty associated with legal rights and requirements of both data owners and service providers also has tempered public cloud adoption in enterprises. The U.S. government, in a legal brief, argued that users' property rights are lost or severely limited when uploading data to a third-party public cloud storage solution. 

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The drivers of DevOps movement: Process, automation, collaboration

By Robert Stinnett

Walk into any organization and the biggest complaint you often hear is that there is a lack of collaboration among folks in the same department. The database guys don't really know about what the developers are doing, the operations folks have no idea the marketing department is about to launch a massive new ad campaign that will increase website traffic three-fold, and the system engineers are unaware of the new code deployment going out tonight. Sound familiar? 

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Software as a Service or On-premises?

By Bill Pray

Evaluation of a SaaS provider can get a bit tricky, however. Enterprises must develop their own set of core requirements based on their intended use and needs for the applications. The key to a successful evaluation and assessment is transparency from the cloud providers in response to questions and criteria presented by an informed enterprise IT team. 

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The looming cloud identity crisis

By Andrew C. Oliver

As businesses move to the cloud, this situation will change. If you don't want to manage your own application servers, operating systems, and hardware and instead opt for the cloud, why would you want to manage an infrastructure for identity? This leaves us searching for the identity solution to what I call the "all-in" cloud architecture. 

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Don't approach cloud security the traditional way: McAfee

By Michael Lee

Your servers should not be changing. Your primary domain controller should not be going through massive revisions very often; your email servers; your webservers. Some of the content will obviously change, but the fundamentals on that device do not change. Simply lock it down, and it's going to be a hell of a lot more efficient using a model like that inside your datacentre. 

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Where do CIOs see their best opportunities for cutting costs?

By Linda Tucci

Many IT departments are still bogged down by duplicate applications systems and under-utilized infrastructure, or what Gartner calls "structural distortion." 

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Private Clouds: Put Business Outcomes First, Study Says

By Pedro Hernandez

ITPI surveyed 143 companies for its study, "Private and Hybrid Cloud IaaS: Project Success Factors." And the pendulum swung into pinstripe territory for many top performers and organizations that reported a "significant improvement" in areas like service quality, operational efficiency and business outcomes. Successful cloud projects generally enjoyed high visibility among C-level or line-of-business executives 

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Eradicate Human Error Without Limiting IT

By Jonathan Crane

With the reduction of human error, we might even see IT get smarter still. As engineers reduce the amount of time spent putting out their own fires, they will instead have the time and resources to improve overall performance and offerings, allowing IT to expand far beyond its current limits. 

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10+ challenges facing the 'international' CIO

By Mary Shacklett

IT leaders who are responsible for international operations face some extra issues, not all of which are tech-related. Here are some of the concerns you may encounter. 

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