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Weekly IT Highlights on PaaS, Outages, CIOs, trends for Cloud and More


Weekly IT Highlights on PaaS, Outages, CIOs, trends for Cloud and More


As Friday comes around, we want to recap some of the best stuff we read this week on PaaS, Outages, CIOs and trends for cloud. Enjoy!

Ten secrets of success from top CFOs speak volumes to CIOs

By Linda Tucci

Have a clear understanding of how your efforts make money and create value for your company.

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Are We Missing a Category of Cloud Computing?

By Bernd Harzog

The obvious answer Application as a Service (AaaS), is not the obvious answer for the obvious reason. The acronym invokes one's posterior, not a reference to a new class of cloud computing. Since the first set of applications that will be delivered in this way will likely be enterprise line-of-business applications, then perhaps we can call this BaaS for Business-as-a-Service. This is an appealing marketing concept, but it has one giant flaw. What if Facebook decides to deliver its application to its worldwide business units in this manner? Most people do not think of Facebook as a business application, and there will certainly be classes of applications delivered to users in this manner in the future that are even less of a business application than Facebook. 

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The 50 shades of the enterprise tech gray market

By Matt Prigge

You can save a bundle of money buying redundant or noncritical gear from the gray market, but a lot of risk is involved 

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Cloud Outages Are The Bigger Risk

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

What is common today are cloud outages and subsequent data loss. Yet, even more alarming is the fact that many enterprises are not well-prepared for those incidents.

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Must Read Blogs For The CIO

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

Check out handpicked list of the top thinkers that should be a must read for CIOs. These analysts, journalists, and consultants have a tremendous influence on cloud computing and on IT in general. With their insights they help to shape the industry, identify trends, and impact decisions.

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Cloud computing brings big data to the masses

By Beth Pariseau

On the big data side, the fundamental difference is volume-based. So, when some of our customers get into petabytes, that certainly puts you in that big data camp. The other aspect of big data is the velocity at which data is changing. One of our newer customers is Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, which has just reached a billion downloads. We're seeing more than 1.4 billion logging events in our cloud per day [in total]. They could launch a new app that could quadruple the traffic instantly. 

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Downtime And Outages In The News

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

We know downtime and outages are bad, but just how costly are they?

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Ten things Linux and open source have to be thankful for

By Jack Wallen

Linux and open source has a lot to be thankful for. Jack Wallen takes a moment to highlight ten things this community should give thanks for. You might be surprised at what you read! 

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5 Innovative Ideas For Enterprise CIOs

By Eric Lundquist

Adding "tion" to a verb in an attempt to make it a noun is usually, well, strained. And in that sense, the term gamification generally misses the whole idea of creating recognition, reward, and engagement programs in the enterprise. 

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Gartner: Platform as a service market to see sharp growth

By Chris Kanaracus

While PaaS revenue will remain "relatively modest" compared to other categories, the numbers don't reflect the true strategic importance of PaaS to software vendors, since a viable cloud development platform can help create a large ecosystem of partners and developers, according to Gartner. 

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Pump the brakes on cloud adoption, except SaaS

By Adam Riglian

While some are clinging to the past, those that are investing in the future are doing it in one key area -- SaaS. Of the 352 respondents engaged in public cloud, nearly two-thirds were using SaaS applications. Within six months, 37.6% of all respondents said more than half of their applications will use the SaaS model. 

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Six ways the CIO job description is changing

By Emily McLaughlin

As new technologies emerge, IT strategies evolve and businesses clamor for skills that go beyond traditional technology management, the CIO job description is undergoing a metamorphosis. 

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Take a Broader View Of Agile To Survive In The Digital Age

By Brian Hopkins

We think agile development practices are not enough, however. In the words of one executive we spoke with, a process for identifying, selecting, and getting funding for emerging technology is lacking. We find that most firms lump emerging technology into the same pipeline with everything else, and this causes the lost opportunities due to ponderous planning, rigid standards, and low risk tolerance. 

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Five tips for Agile measurement

By Larry Maccherone

In the move to Agile, overall goals are largely the same as before: to delight users with a quality product delivered in a predictable and efficient manner. Even after your Agile transformation, you will largely do the same "types" of things: analyze, design, code, test, release, maintain, and, yes, measure. 

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DevOps must be Developer-first, not Operations

By Adrian Bridgwater

The business value of DevOps is quite profound: DevOps reduces software delivery times, improves application quality, and enhances the productivity of the development (Dev) and operations (Ops) teams. Most importantly, DevOps reduces the complexity, errors and risk of application deployment failures in production, the most important stage of the application delivery pipeline. 

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