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Weekly IT Highlights on SaaS, IT Strategic Plans, IT Outsourcing, trends for Cloud and More


Weekly IT Highlights on SaaS, IT Strategic Plans, IT Outsourcing, trends for Cloud and More


As Friday comes around, we want to recap some of the best stuff we read this week on SaaS, Strategic IT Plans, IT Outsourcing and trends for cloud. Enjoy!

Gartner: SaaS now replacing legacy apps as well as extending them

By Chris Kanaracus

Initial concerns about security, response time and service availability have diminished for many organizations as SaaS business and computing models have matured and adoption has become more widespread.

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10 ways automated tools can help you meet the tech challenges of 2013

By Brad Hale

When business-critical apps are adversely affected, IT must be able to figure out what caused the failure immediately. But without the right tools, it can take awhile to check the hardware, operating system, application services, and so on. 

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3 Key Cloud Insights for 2013

By Ron Tolido

By now already almost 50/50, the balance is shifting towards the business being in the lead for choosing and implementing Cloud solutions. With the benefits of Cloud (like cost-effectiveness, flexibility, scalability, simplicity and speed to market) now well understood, the business side seems to be more determined than ever to create value from IT again, even if it has to drive it itself. So better keep working on that relationship with the Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Financial Officer or HRM- or Procurement-executive, as they may be leading the Cloud way.

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4 Key Elements: Strategic IT Plans

By David Johnson

Finally, remember that hope is not a strategy. The more your organization knows about the conditions outside, the more that people are encouraged to learn and participate. The better understanding they have of business goals and how their work contributes, the more accurate the strategic planning, the more reliable the execution, and the more rewarding it will be for the people involved. 

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How can you make IT Outsourcing work for you?

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

Today's outsourcing initiatives could potentially help companies to do things they previously could not do. Yet this will require new and flexible tools for internal IT Operations to able to manage the heterogeneous mix of systems and geographically displaced outsourcers. IT ops can put to use analytics to drive the outsourcing effort and ensure performance.

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How can you limit human error in the data center?

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

IT complexity is only going to expand, so engineers and IT operations are pressured to keep up with change that goes beyond what is humanly possible. Therefore, the solution must come in technology that can make IT smarter.

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First five steps to building a private cloud environment

By Bob Plankers

Once you've automated much of your environment, you can deliver self-service portals and service catalogs. Though it is unlikely that your organization will ever be 100% self-service-driven, many processes can be automated with workflows; the only interactions, then, are approval processes. This allows the IT department to focus on more important issues -- how to best support and monitor an application or service, for instance. It also gives application admins and developers a consistent and repeatable platform on which to build. 

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IT Operations Analytics Changes the Rules

By Sasha Gilenson, Evolven

Advances in analytic technologies and business intelligence now allow organizations to go big, go fast, go deep, with their business data. Now IT Operations Analytics is gathering momentum in IT management.

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A Proposal For IT: Set Just One Goal For 2013

By Chris Murphy

Once IT has created a better understanding of customers, the next step could be improving promotions. A big reason marketing is increasing spending on technology is to make promotions more data-driven and efficient. But there's a long way to go in customizing them. 

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Best practices for software license management

By Abhinav Kaiser

If I were being consulted on complete ITIL implementation, I would start with IT asset management and follow it up with software license management. These two processes are directly related to finances in any organization, and the lack of it could spell doom even to the giants. 

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Securing the keys to the cloud

By Bob Violino

The cloud is still very much a work in progress when it comes to security. Although many cloud service providers claim they can secure their customers' data, security problems are surfacing as the technology takes hold at more organizations. 

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Bring Your Own Technology: The Lines Between Work And Personal Technology Are Blurring

By Connie Moore

We've identified four BYOT patterns across industries, based on our mobility and security index. They are called: 1) the fortress; 2) the walled city; 3) the road; and 4) the open field. Industries map to these behavior patterns, depending on organizational attitudes toward mobility and security that propel or slow adoption. 

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How to unify IT monitoring: organizing the crumbling IT silos

By GigaOM

In today's business environment, companies don't have 24 hours to solve IT problems; they barely have 24 minutes. Legacy solutions tailored to static infrastructure are failing within today's dynamic and programmable data center. 

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2012 Cloud Predictions – Winners & Losers

By James Staten

The year 2012 brought a significant amount of growth in enterprise use of cloud services but did it fulfill our expectations? With just five weeks left in the year, it's time to reflect on our predictions for this market in 2012. Back in November 2011 we said that the cloud market was entering a period of rebellion, defiance, exploration, and growth, not unlike the awkward teenage years of a person's life. The market certainly showed signs of teen-like behavior in 2012, but many of the changes we foresaw, it appears, will take several years to play out. 

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Cloud Keys An Era Of New IT Responsiveness And Efficiency

By John R. Rymer

It is time for CIOs to assemble their plans to consume, manage, offer, and secure cloud services and platforms – with the emphasis on public services. This means creating new career paths for your key IT leaders, getting them the experience and training they need to make this transition successfully, and embracing the services that will be the foundation for this new, more diverse portfolio now. 

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With SaaS, it's not just about your apps — it's how you connect those apps, too

By Ross Mason

Enterprise applications have long been a means for companies to gain competitive advantage. The process would go something like this: The better the information and process flows, the more efficient the business, which in turn lowered the cost of doing business, which then created a competitive advantage. 

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