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Weekly IT Highlights on Shadow IT, IT Salaries, IT Operations Analytics and trends for Cloud and More


Weekly IT Highlights on Shadow IT, IT Salaries, IT Operations Analytics and trends for Cloud and More


As Friday comes around, we want to recap some of the best stuff we read this week on Shadow IT, IT Salaries, IT Operations Analytics and trends for cloud. Enjoy!

Top IT job skills for DevOps managers

By Kevin Parker

The newest challenge is all the attention DevOps gets from the business. What was once an arcane, elaborate coordination and project management task is now part diplomacy, part guardian -- and a whole lot of innovator. So what job skills does this new generation of DevOps trailblazers need to be effective? 

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Is IT isolated in your organization? Here are ten telltale signs in your IT strategy

By Mark P. McDonald

It is time for the annual IT kickoff and presentation of the 2013 IT strategy. The kickoff meeting offers a unique opportunity to assess IT, its role in the enterprise, its goals for the coming year, etc. These sessions provide insight into how isolated IT is from the rest of the enterprise. Here are ten telltale signs that IT is on an island and seen as apart rather than a part of your company. 

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Devops, complexity and anti-fragility in IT: Stability and resilience

By James Urquhart

In other words, the more you try to control — or stabilize — a system by reducing variance in the system, the less resilient you make the system to unexpected events. Command-and-control, top-down approaches to complex systems operations actually make those systems more fragile in those cases.

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CTO Sees Virtualized Big Data as Next Challenge

By Nicole Hemsoth

The industry for data acceleration over distance is fairly horizontal. As data volumes increase, disaster recovery requirements become more ubiquitous and applications move to the cloud, IT professionals across a variety of vertical markets need to move more data quickly over longer distances. 

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10 Kick Ass IT Salary Survey Results

By Sasha Gilenson

EvolvenAccording to many of the salary surveys we've compiled, the past year has seen a rise in IT management salaries, with companies openly hiring more IT personnel. To keep track of what's happening with your career, the IT world, and the people that are involved in IT, we put together a comprehensive list of salary survey and compensation results for IT professionals.

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What Is IT Operations Analytics (ITOA)?

By Sasha Gilenson

EvolvenFor IT Operations, change is a fact of life. Change takes place at every level of the application and infrastructure stack and impacts nearly every part of the business. When an incident occurs, can you quickly know "what changed"?

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The move to a converged infrastructure

By Dan Kusnetzky

Workloads are increasingly hosted on Windows and Linux. UNIX and single vendor operating systems are losing ground. 

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3 Ways The Cloud Can Complement Virtualization

By George Crump

Virtual infrastructures can benefit from the actual public cloud to augment what they are doing. The public cloud can help provide smaller businesses a place to send data for off-site backup storage, a place to recover in the event of a disaster, and even a place to move applications when peak loads have exceeded the capabilities of the internal data center. 

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DevOps is really about design

By Chris Swan

Perhaps the way to build a bridge between these two seemingly opposite approaches is by the use of continuous deployment, which has much in common with 'DevOps'. 

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You Can Improve Performance Charlie Brown!

By Sasha Gilenson

EvolvenIT operations struggles with sustaining stability and maintaining performance. Many have just come to accept this situation as a norm and simply bear with this daily struggle. To avoid problems and downtime, I&O teams need effective change management and configuration management tools to know what is happening in their environments

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Why 2013 Will Be the Year of the Software-Defined Data Center

By Pete Manca

For many CTOs, CFOs and CIOs, they view cloud computing as an immense opportunity for their organizations. They see moving their organization's operations into the cloud as a major benefactor for their operations, including cost-efficiency, improved flexibility and agility. The problem however, lies within the fact that while cloud computing does in fact provide benefits for IT services, organizations haven't been able to pinpoint the key component that will allow them to automate and orchestrate their cloud services. That is where the SDDC comes in, making it easier to deliver the services and promises that organizations have grown to expect and demand. 

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12 Android apps to keep IT pros happy

By Ted Samson

Thanks to the ever-expanding trove of Android apps for IT admins, you no longer need to jump out of bed for late-night trips to the office to fix stalled servers, troubleshoot a cloud app, or help your boss's boss find the earnings report he accidentally put in the wrong folder. Following is a dozen samples of Android applications geared toward helping IT admins monitor, manage, and maintain critical hardware, database, applications, and services. If you're hungry for more, also check out last year's slideshow. 

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Wall Of Confusion And The DevOps Tea Party

By Pere Hospital

Notwithstanding organizational change management challenges, the DevOps model of running I.T operations along with development pods is moving ahead. Whether organizations can successfully align their existing methodologies to this phenomenon or not, is, at best, a guess. 

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CIOs Can Help Their Companies Survive Industry Disruption

By Kim S. Nash

Today, however, Netflix struggles to maintain its supremacy. Lots of companies with streaming video have invaded its territory, including YouTube, Hulu and Cablevision. Perhaps the biggest threat, in part because there appear to be no bounds to its ambition, is Amazon. The $48 billion e-commerce company offers streaming and downloadable video for many devices--exactly the future Netflix imagines for itself. 

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Break Out of the Shadows, IT Pros

By Neil Thelander

IT groups need diverse and skilled individuals to offer the right chemistry, domain knowledge, and skill sets, especially in active strategic listening, akin to high-end consulting or business analysis. Many current IT leaders have been elevated for their articulateness in promoting IT, but even this can become a deficit if overused. Those few who have found their voice often need next to find their ears. 

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